Super Over Review – Tossed Logics Hamper Viewing Experience

Super Over Telugu Movie Review

Tossed Logics Hamper Viewing Experience


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What Is the Film About?

Kasi (Naveen Chandra), Madhu (Chandini Chowdary), and Vasu (Rakendu Mouli) are close friends. While Vasu does a job, the other two are jobless. Kasi is in urgent need of 40 Lakhs to save his house and resorts to NPL (IPL) betting with the help of Bangarraju (Viva Harsha) and Murali (Praveen). He wins 1.7 Crore but to get the money through Hawala, he runs into several problems on that fateful night with CI Ajay (Ajay) after him.

How Is ‘s Performance?

Naveen Chandra is a decent actor and he proved that once again. He plays a role that does not tire or test him. For the most part of the film, he should look tensed and he does that effortlessly. It is almost like a single expression and he does what is required of him.

Direction by Praveen Varma?

Late Praveen Varma has directed the film. He passed away in a freak road accident middle of the film and Sudheer Varma finished it. The title ‘Super Over’ gives us an impression that it is a Cricket-based film. But it is very less about Cricket. In fact, a minor portion is about Cricket betting and most of the film is about Money Hawala. The film has a decent story. It is all about one night when the three friends set to get the money from Hawala brokers.

The money could not be arranged at one place due to some issues and they have to go to different places and in the process runs into a corrupt police officer. They face a big problem due to an over-smart idea of Kaasi and the very idea solves all their problems towards the end.

The movie runs at a good pace from start to end. The aerial shots, the background score, a chase sequence came out well. But the movie has its share of issues as well. A thriller particularly the one which happens in a night should be gripping enough and have a good number of twists. The story has a few twists but most of them we feel are forced and unreal. Spoiler Alert – The car number coincidence, the police leaving them easily, burglary in police house, police easily getting in touch with Hawala people and the latter passing all the information to him, Getting back the lost Hawala Note, the money coming back to the real owners, etc – there are too many cinematic liberties taken for the creation of the twists. While the movie seems to be running at a good pace, the cinematic liberties which are all over the film keep distracting the audience and disturb the viewing experience.

Finally, Super Over has its share of problems that distract the audience but is manageable for a digital watch.

Chandini, Rakendu Mouli, Praveen, Ajay and Others

The film has very few characters. It runs mostly on the lead trio. Rakendu Mouli is okay as a friend. He tries to be the conscience keeper of Kaasi but the latter would never listen. Chandini Chowdary is beautiful and is in a single costume for the most part of the film. That is expected because the film happens in a single night. It is a no-nonsense character that does not require any skill like her previous outing, Colour Photo. She is fine, one should say. Ajay gets the same baddie role which he may have done a million times and that’s okay. Praveen played the character of a bookie. It is not much about his comedy timing and he did whatever is expected of the character.

Music and Other Departments?

There are no songs in the film. Sunny MR’s re-recording has worked big time for the film. The background score elevated the proceedings at many places. Diwakar Mani handled the camera. The most part of the film happens in a night and that is neatly captured. Some of the aerial shots and the chase sequence have come out very well. The dialogues are decently-written but since it is OTT and has no problems of censor, there are too many cuss words which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Tollywood filmmaker Sudheer Varma has presented the film. The production values are good. Editing by SR Sekhar is good as well.


Decent Performances and cast

Good BGM Score and Aerial Shots


Too Many cinematic liberties with no logic

Too many repetitive scenes

Alternative Take

Twists are a must for any thriller to be impactful. It is important that they are accompanied by logic. That is the biggest disappointment with Super Over. If we start making corrections on that front, we need to make several changes.

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes in parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes for a Digital Watch.

Super Over Telugu Movie Review Review by Siddartha

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