Subramanyam For Sale ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Sells entertainment partially.


‘U/A’, 154 mins.

Sai Dharam Tej Subramanyam For Sale ReviewWhat is the film about?
How Subramanyam, a kind at heart person turned selfish due to circumstances, helps Seetha and her family come to terms with each other.

How is Sai Dharam Tej’s performance?
This is the third film of the actor and one can see ease in the actor’s body language as far as generating physical comedy and developing a presence goes. The timing is bound to improve going forward which isn’t a problem but in emotional aspect there is zero improvement. In the two or three scenes he had to showcase the emotions he fails completely and that’s the area he needs to improve in the upcoming movies.

Harish Shankar Subramanyam For Sale ReviewDirection By Harish Shankar?
Subramanyam For Sale is typical Harish Shankar film from start to end with usual doses of comedy, including few double entendres and contrived emotions. The only difference here is that he rectifies his second half problem seen in all his movies here. The downside is relatively poor first half. The emotional climax is unintentionally hilarious. Overall it’s a decent comeback after poor last outing but it still doesn’t come anywhere near his best.

Regina Cassandra Subramanyam For Sale ReviewRegina Cassandra and Other artist’s performance?
If Sai Dharam Tej is the fun and energetic presence of the film then Regina Cassandra is the emotional anchor. They work well as a pair and that is ultimately the films biggest selling point. Brahmanandam is his usual self once again and manages to entertain. Rao Ramesh gets another shot at playing an over the top villain character and unlike the previous occasions he doesn’t spoil it completely. Ajay along with the typical character actor’s set that play the same family characters do their job well.

Mickey J Meyar Subramanyam For Sale ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music of the film is below par. The background score is better in comparison and it can be used as great example to highlight versatility of composer Mikey J Mayer. Wish one could say similarly about his attempt at mass pleasing songs. Cinematography is fine. Editing is decent. Choreography of songs are bland except for two songs. Dialogues are good.

Highlights Subramanyam For Sale ReviewHighlights?
Second half
Lead pair chemistry

Thin storyline
Weak first half
Poor ending

Drawbacks Subramanyam For Sale ReviewAlternative Take
This is a decent output for the thin story at hand. Alternative Take would be to have better gags which itself would elevate this film to a different level.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, especially second half.

Will you recommend it?
Yes, if one doesn’t have problem with loudness.

Subramanyam For Sale Review by Siddhartha