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Second Half Curse Strikes


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SumanthWhat Is the Film About?
One by one people commit suicid under mysterious circumstances in the village of Subramanyapuram. The village people are made to believe that it is due to the curse of the local deity. When Karthik (Sumanth) faces a personal loss, he vows to end the mystery. Why does Karthik (Sumanth) come to that place and what is the truth of Subrahmanyapuram is what the film is all about?

How Is Sumanth’s Performance?
Sumanth has picked an age-appropriate proper role. That is half job done, and the rest is done by not going overboard and conveying the emotions accurately. It is only when he gets into the masala hero mode that some awkwardness is visible in body language and posture. But, that is alright.

Director Santosh JagarlamudiDirection by Santosh Jagarlamudi?
Writer and director, Santhossh Jagarlapudi has his task cut with Subramanyapuram due to the comparison with another movie on the same theme and background Karthikeya. But more about that later.

Subramanyapuram begins well in a familiar fashion, and the director is successful in establishing all the primary characters and central problem. The first few murders with the eerie background help in generating a few tense moments. But that tone is immediately abandoned, and we get into a regular comedy zone through various characters. The issue is not the presence of comedy; it is the way it has been presented. There is an over the top approach, and that goes against the central thriller narrative the director is creating.

The first half is still engaging as the mystery of the village deaths is maintained. The suspenseful moments can hook the audience. The romance and comedy moments, although decent, come across as disruptive in the narrative.

In the second half, we get into the core issue, that is the problem at hand. Once again, the build-up is neat for the initial few minutes and until a deadline is fixed by the lead protagonist. Post that, the movie gets progressively worse as specific actions miss logic, look silly and the central conceit lack the wow factor. In fact, it falls flat and with it brings down all the effort done up to that stage.

Let’s bring Karthikeya into the picture now. The comparison can’t be avoided as the plots are the same. Only the way and the reason are different, but everything else gives a dejavu feeling. The writing, slick making and coherent narrative are where Karthikeya scores and Subramanyapuram fails. If the former was not there later might have appealed more even with the same content. Unfortunately, the former’s presence impact’s engagement with the current one.

Subramanyapuram had a promising beginning, but the interest is not maintained until the end. One doesn’t care, after a point whatever happens onscreen and that’s where the movie fails. It is a below average project thanks to a few intriguing moments in the first half.

Eesha Rebba -subramanyapuram Movie ReviewEesha Rebba and Others?
Eesha Rebba had a decent role that could have been better utilised. She was alright, but frankly, there was nothing worth mentioning as the character was underdeveloped. Suresh had a lengthy, but a predictable role. Bhadram and Josh Ravi’s comedy worked in parts. The rest were okay in their small roles.

Music Director Sekhar ChandraMusic and Other Departments?
Sekhar Chandra has done an excellent job with the background score but didn’t deliver on the audio front. The cinematography is alright. The editing was okay. The writing was decent at best.

Suspense build-up
First Half

Suspense Revelation
Incoherent Narrative

Sai-KumarAlternative Take
Watch Karthikeya or even better watch the popular classic Television series Rahasyam.

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts, mostly the first half

Will You Recommend It?

Subrahmanyapuram Review by Siddartha


Final Report:

Subrahmanyapuram is one of those films where the excitement on paper fails to translate on big screen. There are parts that are alright and suspenseful but as a whole, it is below par. The all-important climax also falls flat after all the build up.

– The movie is getting filled with just more and more suicides without progressing anything further. This gets tiring to see the same thing over and over.

– Subrahmanyapuram second half started. Another mysterious suicide death happens in the similar fashion.

First Half Report:

Subrahmanyapuram first half is alright. The suspense factor is maintained but everything else (writing and love track) so far is very average.

– Karthik (Sumanth) wants to begin his second phase of research on Subrahmanyapuram temple.

– Karthik’s (Sumanth) falls for Eesha, slowly the love is flourishing.

– Meanwhile, mysterious suicides continue to happen in Subrahmanyapuram.

– Karthik (Sumanth) is into the research of ancient temples but don’t trust God does a brief study on Subrahmanyapuram temple.

– Subrahmanyapuram show started with a brief backdrop of the ancient temple followed by a couple of mysterious deaths in the village.

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Preview: Subrahmanyapuram

In a few months from now, Sumanth will complete 20 years in the Telugu film industry. The best phase for the actor would be the earlier half of the last decade. Post that, and especially in the last decade he has been struggling and taking long breaks.

However, ever since his latest comeback, i.e. with Naruda Donaruda in 2016, a box office failure, by the way, Sumanth seems to be concentrating on a balance between the budget and scripts and going with fresh attempts. Malli Rava also belonged to the same thought process and the movie despite its not so successful run, is remembered among a small segment.

Sumanth’s latest release Subrahmanyapuram is again on the same lines. A movie that is well budgeted and with a fresh concept. It is the type of film he has not done before at all. Newcomer Santhosh Jagarlapudi directs the movie which is based on devotion versus science theme. Eesha Rebba stars as the female lead in the flick. Sekhar Chandra provides the music. There are decent expectations on the film, and success here can further strengthen the actor’s vision on subjects in the comeback phase. Watch out for our Subrahmanyapuram Review shortly.

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