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What Is the Film About?

Rahul (Raj Tarun) is passionate about standup comedy, but he works in a company taking his mother’s advice. Personally, he loves Shreya (Varsha Bollamma) but doesn’t open up to her for a long time. Also, he is opposed to marriage due to his divorced parents.

Stand Up Rahul is basically a coming of age drama where Rahul has to stand up literally, both for his personal and professional life.


Raj Tarun successfully undergoes a trendy, urban makeover. Guess part of it also means having headphones over his shoulder in practically every other scene. It unnecessarily draws attention screaming about the change. Coming to the more serious acting part, Raj Tarun is alright. He isn’t as smooth as a standup comic. The shortcoming with the dialogue delivery is exposed. When it comes to rest, he goes about his way as usual.

Varsha Bollama plays another plane-Jane character, this time in an urban setup. She is okay in a sentiment scene or two, but that’s it. Varsha fails to take the character a notch higher given the space it inhabits and remains ordinary.


A debutant, Santo, directs Stand Up Rahul. He picks an age-old story and tries to present it freshly with a current and trendy backdrop of Stand Up comedy.

It doesn’t take much to know where Stand Up Rahul is headed. It becomes apparent when the world of Rahul is introduced with divorced parents. The hero is ready for love but isn’t ready for marriage; looking at his parent’s plight is an age-old trope. As mentioned earlier, only the backdrop has changed here, whereas the core emotions remain the same.

The first half of the movie is as flat as it gets. The predictability with the plot, characters and weak writing is to blame here. The jokes fall flat, and some roles appear irritating. For a comedy narrative considering the standup comedy acts and office blocks – there is hardly any comedy.

There is some interest during the pre-interval portions regarding the love story, but even here, there is nothing unsurprising. Things take a routine course.

The second half feels better in comparison. A couple of comedy acts to work. It involves double entendre, but that’s fine. One gets a feeling if the makers should have gone this way instead if it was working.

Soon, the narrative shifts to typical emotional drama with a self-realization character arc for the hero. Everyone around him seems to know what he wants, and he finally wakes up to reality. Some inspiration from Badhai Ho aside, Stand Up Rahul takes a predictable course of action.

The lack of high moments, be it drama or comedy, and a routine end is again a downer in the second half as well.

Overall, Stand Up Rahul has everything routine and seen before, barring the standup comedy angle. It would have been still okay if the comedy worked, but unfortunately, that is not the case here.

Other Arists?

Murali Sharma and Indraja play other vital roles. The former has very little to do in the first half, making one wonder why is he in the movie in the first place. However, there is a decent scope in the second half, and he delivers as is expected from him. Indraja comparatively has a better role with a different characterization. She is also alright. Their combined moments generate some passable drama in the second half.

Vennela Kishore is irritating, and his comedy fails to evoke any laughs. The blame squarely goes to the writers coming up with the most clichéd and banal jokes featuring the comedian. It is as if they are okay with anything as long as Vennela Kishore is there and expect the audience will lap it up. None of the others manages to leave and impact or work out.

Music and Other Departments?

Sweekar Agasthi’s music lacks punch. It goes with the flow without getting noticed. The background score is comparatively better. The visuals bear a glossy look, fitting perfectly with the trendy vibe. Sreeraj Raveendran has done a decent job. Raviteja Girijala’s editing is fine. The writing should have been better, especially related to the comedy.


Fresh Backdrop
A Couple Of Comic Sketches In Second Half


Routine Story
Clichéd Emotions

Alternative Take

A rewrite is what the movie needs more than any changes to the story. There is hardly any comedy that works for a film that has a standup comedy setup.

Did I Enjoy It?


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Stand Up Rahul Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

Stand Up Rahul Movie Review Rating

Final Report:

Raj Tarun’s hunt for minimum success continues. Despite a decent makeover, Stand Up Rahul offers nothing new and fizzles out. Watch out for our review coming out soon.

— Finally, Rahul stands up for Shreya. Movie comes to an end.

— Rahul gets an opportunity to perform in a wedding. It’s his big chance to prove himself. Shreya wants him to stand up for the challenge.

— Rahul’s comic stand up on Horrible Bosses going viral.

— Stand Up Rahul second half started. Rahul’s stand up show on Bachelor struggles brings some laughter.

First Half Report:

There are hardly any comedy bits in the first half an addition to a weak love track.

— Rahul has an issue with marriage and there’s a reason for it. Shreya proposes for a live-in. Interval.

— School friends Rahul (Raj Tarun) and Shreya (Varsha Bollamma) are in love.

— Rahul, Varsha Bollamma and few others are working under Venal Kishore in VR firm.

— Stand Up Rahul show started. Raj Tarun wants Rahul to stand up for what he loves to do and Indraja wants him to settle for a job.

Stand Up Rahul Review, U.S. Premiere will begin soon. Stay tuned.

After Anubhavinchu Raja, actor Raj Tarun is back with a new outing Stand Up Rahul. He has gone for an urban, trendy makeover with the movie and hopes to bring a turnaround in his career.

The last genuine success of Raj Tarun was way back in 2016. The movie was Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam. Since then he has been struggling and in process of trying various things. Stand Up Rahul is another such attempt.

A young and vibrant team is behind Stand Up Rahul which promises to be a coming of age drama cum comedy. Success here will be a big boost to everyone involved in the production. It has a debutant director Santo, new producers, Nandakumar Abbineni and Bharat Maguluri, a relatively fresh heroine Varsha Bollamma, and young musician Sweekar Agasthi.

The holiday release and lack of competition is an advantage to Stand Up Rahul. However, coming a week before RRR also limits its prospects if there is no favourable talk.

As always, M9News will bring you a ‘First-On-Net’ Stand Up Rahul review genuinely and honestly. Watch this space for our updates on the movie.