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Srivalli Review – Bheja Fry

SriValli Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Bheja Fry


‘A’ Certified, 1 hr 50 mins

RajathWhat Is the Film About?
Reincarnation, brain wave mapping, lesbian love, and finally revenge. Srivalli is a movie that combines all these different points. How they all come together is what the film is all about?

How Is Rajath Krishna’s Performance?
The lead actor of the film has two variations. The changes come across on screen, but they have nothing to do with performance. The change in character lets that come through, but the actor with his performance ruins it. The final effect comes across more comical than emotional.

Director Vijayendra PrasadDirection by K Vijayendra Prasad?
First of all the idea is a typical Vijayendra Prasad. Srivalli is ultimately a revenge story. The revenge aspect comes across in the end, but the way the story unfolds to that revenge point is a joke. Various non-coherent ideas are mashed together to get to the point. All of it seems to be done to show something fresh, but the execution makes everything look silly.

The opening few minutes confuse the hell out regarding what is happening. The childhood portions are too small to make an impact and before we could process anything the brain mapping scientific crap happens. What follows is even more bizarre series of events that are frankly mind-bogglingly stupid in the end.

One is literally looking towards the exit at the interval point. It would be a great relief for sure. Unfortunately for those who manage to continue to the second half, the silliness only increases, and the scientific mumbo-jumbo gets weirder to comprehend. After all this torture what we get in the end is a typical revenge angle that further magnifies everything that has happened before to a new level. Srivalli is a bad movie that due to inept direction becomes a joke pretty soon. In the end, Srivalli becomes an unintended comedy.

Neha HingeNeha Hinge and Others?
We feel sad for all that Neha Hinge has to go through in the movie, but still, she can’t act. And no one but the actress gets the blame for picking up such a subject. Rajeev Kanakala is the only decent character who acts normally. Also luckily he has a small role. The rest of the actors come and go with no purpose at all apart from the senior acting playing the role of professor.

music-directorMusic and Other Departments?
Music by MM Sreelekha feels outdated even though there is one strong melody. The background score by Sricharan is okay. The cinematography is poor, and the editing is a mess. Dialogues are unintentionally hilarious.

Rajiv KanakalaHighlights?
Short duration

Basic concept
First half
Second half

HemaAlternative Take
A slick and serious take on the central premise involving the brain mapping thing.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

SriValli Review by Siddartha Toleti

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