Srimanthudu ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Predictable yet Engrossing


‘U/A’ Certified – 163 Minutes

Mahesh Babu Srimanthudu ReviewWhat is the film about?
Son of a rich billionaire Harsha (Mahesh Babu) doesn’t want to simply live his life inheriting his dad’s money. He wants to achieve something on his own. How this leads him to village and what is his relationship with Charusheela (Shruti Hassan) is what the film is about.

How is Mahesh Babu’s performance?
Once again Mahesh Babu has chosen an interesting character and has done justice to it. He has avoided over the top action and focused strongly on his strengths. One can see the impact of this strength in the scene where he tells the difference between the urban and village culture when a family member is about to leave. This subtle intensity has been put to great use and it helps to great extent to hold the audience interest.

Koratala Siva Srimanthudu ReviewDirection By Koratala Siva?
Koratala Siva has again chosen a village flavored plot for his second film. But he has clearly managed to show difference between the two subjects and not make one feel like this is a mere extension. The director has handled the core sequences related to the basic rural themed plot well and has blended it neatly with heroism without being too overt. It is only towards the climax that the commercial element completely takes over which is too formulaic to make the right impact and sticks out from the rest of the narrative.

Shruthi Hassan Srimanthudu ReviewShruti Haasan and other artist’s performance?
The film is full of recognizable faces and luckily each one of the important roles has a moment to make a mark. Shruti Haasan isn’t merely restricted to song and dance sequences and is key to the progress of the story. She handles both the glamour and performance aspect of her role well. Rajendra Prasad gets another good role and as usual he makes it count. Jagapathi Babu is an asset to the character and his importance can be felt in the flashback sequence. The villain gang featuring Sampath and Mukesh Rushi are alright with the former having better screen presence. Vennela Kishore is okay where as Ali and Subba Raju are wasted.

Devisri Prasad Srimanthudu ReviewMusic and other departments?
Songs by Devi Sri Prasad were good to listen to and at least three songs manage to register on screen as well due to the placement and picturization. When it comes to the background score one can clearly feel the disappointment. Cinematography is very good in most parts. Choreography in songs are alright. Dialogues are good for the content they have on hand.

Highlights Srimanthudu ReviewHighlights?
Mahesh Babu
Jago Re song
Sentiment and action in second half

The very end
Predictability at times

Drawbacks Srimanthudu ReviewAlternative take:
Clearly the director has tried the best to blend the commercial elements properly into the main plot yet it is this commercial aspect that at times sticks out due to its utter predictability. It could surely have been better handled and that’s a thing that could be altering the entire narrative in completely new ways.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Srimanthudu Review by Siddhartha