Sreekaram Telugu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Emotionally Charged Drama


2h 12m, ‘U’ Certified

Sharwanand - Sreekaram -Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Karthik is a high paid software engineer. His background is that of a poor family from a village depending on farming. What happens when Karthik leaves a lucrative deal to go to the US and instead take up farming is what the movie is all about? What are the challenges he faces and how it affects his relationship with his father is the core drama.

How Is Sharwanand’s Performance?
Sharwanand is well and truly the lead of the movie. He shoulders the entire burden of the movie and it reflects on his face and body language. He seems to be weighted down by a grave issue. Sharwanand brings for that well through his expression.

However, at the same time, Sharwanand also comes across as a tad monotonous due to the same reason. It is a difficult part to pull off because it is so righteous and nothing he does is wrong. The audience is not compelled to like him. But, Sharwanand manages to make it likeable and relatable which is a credit to his act.

Director Kishore - Sreekaram -Movie ReviewDirection by Kishore?
Kishor B directs Sreekaram. It is a film with a predictable line. On top of that, there is a lot of message and preaching. The key here is to balance it with little commercial touches. Kishore B succeeds only partially on that score.

The opening of the film might make Sreekaram look like Shatamanam Bhavati 2. Well, it isn’t. The narrative soon moves to the city and we see the struggles of once well off villagers. While that happens there is a commercial track involving the heroine. It comes across as a sore thumb, though.

Getting back to the core theme of villagers and their lives in the ‘village’ and the ‘city’ is where the narrative strikes a chord. It is very emotionally dealt with.

The entire stretch after the hero meets a character from his village, in the city, to the interval block is heart-wrenchingly done. It is sure to bring a tear or two. The interval block, however, is alright.

The extreme heaviness of the first half sets a mood verging on boredom for the second half, but that is not the case, luckily. What we get a more crispy and even narrative with the right mix of message and entertainment. Still, the commercial elements could have been blended properly.

The progress in the second half is comparatively better regarding the plot moments and character development. The hero is elevated further as he sticks to his principles. The same thing winning him everything, in the end, is a neat idea. However, the execution is more formulaic and the impact is missing a bit in the climax. The whole post-Corona segment is fit into the proceedings forcefully, and it looks rushed.

The various subplots and tracks are easily discernible. It makes the narrative very formulaic. The heroine segment especially seems so unwanted right throughout. It is the weakest segment in the entire movie.

The father and son bond and the arc is the best part along with scenes and message about farming and village.

There is a comparison with Maharshi, but that is not apt as Maharshi had farming as an add on, in the end, Sreekaram is all about it.

Overall, Sreekaram is a well-intended and honest attempt that is very emotionally charged. The commercial elements and formulaic presentation is a downer. If you love emotional dramas do give Sreekaram a try.

Priyanka Arul and Others?
Priyanka Arul Mohan looks cute and bubbly and lively, but unfortunately, she gets an irritating character. Her whole track is unnecessary and feels like an add on for commercial prospects. Among the rest, Rao Ramesh and Sai Kumar stand out. The former is ever-reliable, and the later comes up with an engaging turn. Murali Sharma doesn’t get a meaty part this time.

Sathya and Sapthagiri handle comedy. The former is good whereas the latter despite his excellent timing feels wasted due to a poorly written role.

Mickey-J-MeyerMusic and Other Departments?
The music by Mickey J Mayer is okay barring a couple of songs. However, he knocks it out of the park with his background score. It is terrific. The entire narrative is lifted because of his work. The cinematography is fine. The editing could have been better at certain places. The writing is critical for the movie and it delivers. It is not fab, but there are many which hit home the point.

Saikumar - Sreekaram -Movie ReviewHighlights?
Sharwanand’ Settled Act
Background Score
Emotional Content
Farming Message
Short Length
Positives lo pre interval to interval stretch

Formulaic Narrative
Entire Heroine Track
Forced Commercial Elements

Satya - Sreekaram -Movie ReviewAlternative Take
Proper integration of the heroine and her father into the core drama would have further elevated the proceedings.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, For The Most Part

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, But With Slight Reservation

Sreekaram Review by Siddartha Toleti