Speedunnodu reviewBOTTOM LINE
No speed No Thrill.


‘U/A’Ceritified, 150 mins.

Speedunnodu reviewWhat is the film about?
Speedunnodu is a film about friendship and love. Shobhan (Bellamkonda Srinivas) is a local hero who helps the lovers unite. What happens when he himself falls in love and what problems he faces in the process, is what the film is about.

How is Srinivas’s performance?
Bellamkonda Srinivas shows ease in dances and some comic scenes but overall looking at the dramatic requirements in the film he is failure. There are many moments in the film which require the lead to act to create impact but they are all flat in the end to his incapability to emote.

Speedunnodu reviewDirection By Bhimaneni Srinivas?
Bheemineni Srinivas returns to direction after considerable gap. The rustiness is felt initially but soon he gets back to his usual ways. The problem here is that both the rustiness and his usual ways are hindrance to the narrative. It gives an old fashioned sort of vibe not in tune with the current sensibilities. The climax would have created more impact with solid direction. Good thing here is the writing which is fine.

Speedunnodu reviewSonarika and others?
Sonarika is alright for the role. She has very little to do and manages it well. The main characters are friend’s role played by Madhu, Srinivas Reddy and Kabir. Srinivas Reddy is a riot like always when given chance. Among the other two Madhu takes time to get used to and Kabir surprises in the end. Prakash Raj and Rao Ramesh add weight to the respective characters with their immense presence. Satya does a different character for a change and he is okay. Posani Krishna Murali and Prudhvi provide fun in parts.

Music-Director-movie-reviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Vasanth is let down in the film. Background score fails to register. Cinematography is substandard. Editing is fine with no real big lag. Choreography of songs is on predictable lines with good steps to hero.

Speedunnodu reviewHighlights?
Comic one-liners.

Weak narration

Speedunnodu reviewAlternative Take
For the subject at hand alternative take would be better casting, that’s it.

Did I enjoy it?
Few moments

Will you recommend it?
Only of you are serious about killing some time.

Speedunnodu Review by Siddhartha