Singham 123 ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Nausea inducing.


‘U/A’ certified, 116 mins.

Sampoornesh Babu Singham 123 ReviewWhat is the film about?
This is a spoof of all the cop films.

How is Sampoornesh Babu’s performance?
The actor is clearly enjoying whatever he is doing. It is visible in each and every scene in the film, the confidence with which he says his dialogues or carries himself. But the problem is the connection with the audience isn’t reciprocated in similar way.

Direction By Akshat?
Even a spoof too needs to be directed well to create the impact. The problem arises when one confused it with just sequence of scenes that mock one cliché after another with no real plot of its own. One can feel the same problem in Singham 123, the movie just picks up one scene after other from popular films without having any narrative of its own. Poor direction makes thing even worse.

Sanam Singham 123 ReviewSanam and others performance?
The film is mainly a show reel for hero. Apart from him only the actors playing the antagonist and Prudhvi in few scenes manage to make any mark. The rest are present mostly mouthing dialogues with a deadpan expression.

Seshu KMR Singham 123 ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music and BGM are poor. This is a technical mess as one would expect. The cartoon like presentation too doesn’t come off as well as intended. Dialogue writer has had the most fun in the film after the hero. They are silly throughput but some do manage to give loud laughs.

Highlights Singham 123 ReviewHighlights?
Few spoofs
Short duration

Poor direction
Second half

Drawbacks Singham 123 ReviewAlternative take:
Even for a spoof movie there needs to be cohesiveness in terms of narrative. The presence of a cohesive solid plot taken from dozens of standard police trope would be a far engaging spoof alternatively.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Not unless you have so much money that you need to waste.

Singham 123 Review by Siddhartha