Surya-singam3-S3-reviewBOTTOM LINE
High Voltage Entertainer.


‘U’certified, 156 mins.

SuriyaWhat is the film about?
Narasimham (Suriya) is specially brought to Karnataka to solve the murder case of Commissioner. What is the reason for his death and how it leads to bigger players involved in it is what the film is all about?

How Is Suriya’s Performance?
This is the third time that Suriya is playing the same character and one must say kudos to the actor for maintaining the same intensity in the character for the third time around. It could also be due to the fact that this is a big commercial moment for the star, he always puts his best foot forward. Suriya is terrific and carries the whole movie on his shoulders once again.

Director-HariDirection By Hari?
Hari has become a brand. He is known for his racy mass entertainer and his taking has become a staple of jokes in the online world. It is just a sign of popularity and credit also should be given to the director for living up to that reputation.

Another important aspect that Hari deserves credit for is the story of the movie. Usually, sequels lose momentum and turn boring. This is because they turn predictable and formulaic. One can see that formula in Singam 3 as well but the core story and point he gets are different. Also, the considerable gaps in between films also help to maintain that freshness.

The basic murder plot involving the commissioner is good and it is taken to a commercial conclusion with messages neatly. There is a drag towards the end but that is alright. The problem is the comedy and heroine track that involves heroines, Anushka and Shruti Haasan. It drags the film down and the songs are a major speed breaker. Additionally, the songs are terribly boring on screen. Overall it is a pretty average movie but nonetheless a fine one time watch.

Anushka-ShettyAnushka Shetty and others?
Both the heroines have literally nothing to do in the film other than appear in time for songs. Shruti Haasan comparatively has a bigger role. Anushka with all the weight gain doesn’t look that good or comfortable on screen. Suman is wasted. Anoop Singh as the villain is okay. Rajesh handling the comedy is boring and predictable. Other actors despite their length are shown in a fast forward manner to even register.

music-directorMusic and Other Departments?
Music by Harris Jayaraj is yawn worthy. The background score is very loud which is kind of predictable given the past movies in the series. But here only the noise is heard, the energy that it should generate is missing. The cinematography is good in parts and weird at times due to the angles. Editing is alright. Dialogues are good at important moments.

Few thrilling blocks

Heroines track

Thakur-Anoop-SinghAlternative Take
The idea with Shruti Haasan as a journalist is right but the way it has been incorporated into the main narrative is poor. A proper blending would have made a more emotionally appealing movie in the end.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes for the the most part.

Will you recommend it?
Yes to commercial movie lovers.

Singam 3 Review by Siddhartha Toleti

Singam 3 Review, Singam 3 Movie Review Ratings Live Updates

Final Report: Singam 3 falls short of expectations. Overall it’s an average film with loud and lots of action blocks. Strong story, lack of emotions are big minus. Suriya and fast paced narration is a big plus. Watch this space for our review.

– Climax with a heavy dose of mass elements.
– In few scenes, Vizag was shown as Mangalore. Makers didn’t pay attention to the nameplates on vehicles too 🙂
– Nara Simham versus Vittal loud and a high dose of scenes going on.
– There is no direct reference to Sr.NTR and CM role in Singam 3 as rumored before.
– Suriya looks really good with the stylish mustache.
– Raadhika Sarathkumar’s does a brief sentimental role as commissioner wife.
– Sharat Saxena plays a lengthy villain role, he is at his usual best.
– Shruthi Haasan falls in love with Nara Simham in the opening shot of the movie, finally, realizes that Nara Simham is a married person.
– Stylish six pack villain Thakur Anoop Singh is okay. He doesn’t leave any impact in terms of his performance.
– Comedian Soori used for the comic relief in the film throughout. His silly comedy track may even irritate sometimes.
– The story moves back to India. Nara Simham kills second villain Sharat Saxena.
– Nara Simham starts his operation in Australia to catch Vittal (Anoop).
– Both the heroines Anushka Shetty and Shruti Haasan roles do not have any significance in the main story.
– Hansika appears in a shot (archived footage from Singam 2)
– Neetu Chandra appears in first club song, and few shots of her have been repeated in a different song in second half. Plenty of skin show but nothing graceful.

First Half Report: Strictly average first half. Suriya does a fab job as powerful Cop but the lack of strong story mars the experience.

– Shruthi Haasan makes on and off appearances so far.
– Second melody song over. Anushka looks completely out of shape. Size Zero effect is still haunting Anushka and it is clearly visible on screen.
– First song shot in club. Lot of skin show in this item song with very ordinary choreography.
– Main villain Anoop has been introduced in Australia.
– Suriya moves to Karnataka on a special request to work on a high profile case.
– Show stared with powerful title cards showing Suriya’s powerful scenes from first two parts.

Just in: Singam 3 shockingly posted a low collection figure from overseas premiers. The movie has grossed $42,022 including US and Canada which is considered very low for a big star like Suriya.

Singam 3 Preview Below

Suriya has become quite a huge star in his own right. All his films make good money and he is a name to reckon with even in the Telugu states. The choices that he has made in his career have brought him to the place where he is now.

But one film which made a lot of difference in his life and career was Singam. The village action drama not only made Suriya a household name but also brought age old action dramas back in fashion.

Directed by Hari this film had Anushka Shetty as the female lead and ended up being a solid hit all over. Not only did it make a lot of money it was also remade in Hindi which also turned to become a huge blockbuster.

So seeing this kind of success the entire team of Singam came up with the sequel to this film called Singam 2 and this film too became a good hit at the box office. So as the season was on for the sequels the makers finally found a script that can be made as the third part and started the shoot.

That is how the third part was on and star heroine Shruthi Haasan was on board for this film as the second lead. This time around the difference being that the film will go international as Suriya will be handling the case outside the country.

But the actual drama started when the film was ready for a December release. First the film did not find enough theaters for a release and the mega family asked Suriya to move back for Dhruva. The film was already postponed twice by this time.

Then once again when another release date was announced things became even before difficult as the state of Tamil Nadu was going through the sensitive Jallikattu event. Now that the film is finally up for release tomorrow there is again tension in the state because of the Sasikala issue.

The trailer impressed many and things were set for a good opening for this film. But so much of postponement made this film loose it a buzz and it is releasing today with some okay kind of openings. Will it do well, what will be the outcome you need come back here for the review.