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Nani-Shyam Singha Roy Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Vasu Ghanta (Nani) is a software employee who quits his job to become a director. He approaches Keerti (Krithi Shetty) for a short film. During the shoot, an incident triggers memories from the subconscious. How they are connected to Shyam Singha Roy is the primary plot of the movie.

Shyam Singha Roy (Nani) is a revolutionary social reformer who fights against evil practices in society. He is attracted towards a Devadasi, Mytreyi (Sai Pallavi). How does the relationship grow between them and where it ends? The connection between Vasu and Shyam Singha Roy is the movie’s overall plot.


Nani plays a double role in Shyam Singha Roy which should be evident to anyone who has seen the trailer. It offers him good scope to show versatility as a performer and he does well on that count.

Vasu is typical Nani with his fun and middle class ‘abbayi’ charm. He just breezes through the portions with the required emotional punches in between.

It is Shyam Singha Roy that offers him a different personality. It is a powerful role – probably the most potent one in his career so far. Nani does well in the part as more than the ‘physicality’ the role shines via the dialogue. It works as long as it sticks to Nani’s strength. The introduction water drinking sequence is a fine example. The good thing is most of the part is on these lines and there is very little action. It makes the part impactful and the role memorable.

rahul sankrityanAnalysis

Rahul Sankrityan of Taxiwala fame directs Shyam Singha Roy. It is another revenge drama from him with a paranormal psychological aspect involved.

The first hour of the movie focuses on entertainment via short filmmaking. It is not an over the top fun-filled narrative, but enough is happening to keep one engaged. The romantic track is boring though, which luckily happens very late in the day. It is also why it feels a little bit rushed.

The switch from fun (short filmmaking episodes) to drama (pre-interval sequences) could have been handled better. The events appear a bit logicless. The hope seems to be that the drama would overpower it. But, that doesn’t happen as Rahul Sankrityan might have imagined.

The interval is alright even though highly predictable. The courtroom drama in between sets up things neatly for the second half.

The flashback involving Shyam Singha Roy takes up the entire second half. It is here the real content of the film is laid out. Unfortunately, it is not all on the positive side.

The whole ‘Devadasi’ backdrop is fresh and adds an element of intrigue. The Navaratri sequences commencing the segment start brilliantly with the Pranamaya song. The expectations are raised with further background info.

However, the ensuing drama that follows is very routine and predictable. The director’s attempt to capture small moments slackens the place and adds to boredom. It is again due to the predictability on offer.

Still, there are some high moments in between via the dialogues that keep afloat the hopes of a rousing tale. It doesn’t arrive as the proceedings take a routine course.

The ending of the flashback is the final blow regarding the predictable nature of the screenplay and story. The return to current feels so abrupt after such a lengthy flashback.

The narrative is back to courtroom drama. Things are lightened up again a little. The plot still holds interest due to the ending of the flashback. The director manages to sustain the interest which is the biggest takeaway from the second half. It is followed by a reincarnation proof sequence. After a long worn out drama, it comes as a huge relief and is well handled.

Just when one thinks it would all lead to a bang at the end, the ‘classic’ bug strikes the director again as we proceed straight into the end. The emotion doesn’t work out despite good acting all around.

Overall, Shyam Singha Roy has glossy, fresh packaging with excellent technical work, casting, and acting. However, its soul is utterly predictable and routine. Watch it for Nani, and making, but keep expectations low.

Sai Pallavi - Shyam Singha Roy Movie Review Others Artists?

Three female leads are part of the narrative. They are Sai Pallavi, Krithi Shetty and Madonna Sebastian. They are utilised well and are not mere fillers. Sai Pallavi has the best role of the three, easily and she shines. The dances given to her offer something new, as well. The drama is neatly done, but there is nothing new from her. It is the ‘Devadasi’ angle that brings freshness.

Krithi Shetty looks lovely and it is good to see her in a new avatar altogether compared to her debut. She has a star-like presence for sure and it should work to her advantage with the right choices in the future. Here in Shyam Singha Roy, she goes missing in the entire second half, though. Madonna Sebastian has a decent role and she does well.

Apart from the main lead and ladies, there are limited characters in the movie. Murali Sharma does his usual and is adequate. Abhinav Gomatam and Rahul Ravindran are alright. Jissu Sengupta is wasted, though. Manish playing the temple priest has a menacing presence but is not given a meaty role to leave an impression.

Mickey J MeyerMusic and Other Departments?

The music by Mickey J Mayer is alright. Barring a song, which has been beautifully integrated into the narrative, others aren’t that effective. The background score is fine as long as it sticks to dramatic sequences. The elevation sequences are loud BGM-wise. The cinematography and artwork are lovely. We are transported into a different world momentarily and that’s a job well done. The editing could have been crisper. The writing is good in parts, especially for Shyam Singha Roy character.

Krithi Shetty - Shyam Singha Roy Movie ReviewHighlights?

Parts of Second Half


Predictable Story
Logicless At Key Moments (making it stick out)

Alternative Take:

Well, Shyam Singha Roy looks like an alternative take on Dhanush’s Anekudu even though reincarnation subjects are done for ages. It is simplified and has a different background.

Madonna Sebastian Shyam Singha Roy Movie ReviewDid I Enjoy It?

Yes, in parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, with reservations.

Shyam Singha Roy Review Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti