Shourya-movie-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Ultimate truth is its boring


“U/A” Certified – 122 Mins.

Shourya-movie-reviewWhat is the film about?
Shourya is a thriller involving a murder mystery. Who is the one murdered and what the reason is for it, is basically what the film is about.

How is Manchu Manoj’s performance?
The first and important thing that registers immediately in Shourya is Manchu Manoj acts normally without going over the top and hamming. It is such a great relief. It also shows that Manoj need not overact to make him unique or standout among the crowd, he just needs to do better films. He is fine here and in few scenes that require emotional performance he delivers.

Shourya-movie-reviewDirection By Dasaradh?
Dasaradh direction looks and feels so old school. The same subject could be handled more up-to-date fashion in terms of look, set up and final output. However he still sticks to his more than a decade old style. Even that would have been fine if he had grip on the narrative. That is not the case here. In order to not confuse the audience too much a simplistic approach is taken but it only makes the film come across as dragging and once the real reason can be sensed everything else looks boring.

Shourya-movie-reviewRegina Cassandra and others?
Regina Cassandra once again does her part with conviction. She is not a mere prop. Prakash Raj too plays his character with required enthusiasm to make it come across as fresh. Nagineedu is decent and Subbaraj gets shortchanged. Prabhas Seenu comedy looks out of place and feels dated.

Shourya-movie-reviewMusic and other departments?
Music by K Veda is alright and so is background which goes in predictable manner. Cinematography is ordinary. Editing is fine. Dialogues are okay, the important sequences required dialogues with more depth.

Manchu Manoj’s calm demeanor

Predictable “issue” at the core
Gets boring after revelation of suspense

Shourya-movie-reviewAlternative Take
In the recent past few films have been made with similar theme but they have been equally worse. The problem is they all share the same basic plot. It is time a new angle is brought out of that ‘sensitive’ issue.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few scenes.

Will you recommend it?

Shourya Review by Siddhartha