shivalinga Telugu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Usual Ghost Fare


‘U’ Certified, 2 Hrs 31 Minutes.

Raghava-LawrenceWhat is the film ‘Shivalinga‘ about?
Raheem (Shakthi) gets murdered in a train. Later CB-CID officer Shiva Lingeswar (Raghava Lawrence) is appointed to solve the case when the girlfriend of Raheem pleads for an inquiry into the death. Who is the murderer and why did it happen is what the film is about?

How is Raghava Lawrence’s performance?
Raghava Lawrence is precise in a role that is tailor-made for him. He brings his typically predictable charm into play and holds the attention with his antics that one is so used to by now. It is a lighter role for him that doesn’t require too much of action

p-vasuDirection By P. Vasu?
P Vasu has been in the industry since ages. He brings that experience into play and narrates the movie by sticking to the point without deviating too much. Also, Shivalinga is kind of genre he has handled before and that too with great ease. Additionally, it is also a remake. All of this comes into effect in the movie to make it comes across as a decent watch.

The central murder mystery is a simple case in the end, but the ghost angle gives it enough meat to engage. The ghost sequences are neatly handled even though they appear mostly predictable. The comedy is cleverly blended despite it too looking very routine now.

The beginning of the movie is interesting, but it loses track in the middle portions. The interval portion is good, and things gain momentum as we reach the pre-climax. Overall, the end kind off fizzles out, but it is enough as one is hooked to the proceedings.

ritika-singhRitika Singh and others?Surprisingly Ritika Singh is given enough footage in the movie, and she delivers with her expressions, and dances as well. Shakti has done his part very effectively. His role was very crucial for the film to work and he does a fabulous job in engaging the audience. Radharavi and Jayaprakash are decent in their roles. Urvashi and Bhanupriya overact. Vadivelu is good providing comic relief. Pradeep Rawat gets a different role for a change, and he is impressive.

SS-Thaman-Shivalinga-ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by SS Thaman is predictable and loud. The background score is precise. The cinematography and editing are neat. Dialogues are appropriate for the terrain

Ghost portions
Fast paced narration

Predictable story
Drags in parts
Feels lengthy

VasudevanAlternative Take
Better role development for the suspect would have made the movie more thrilling.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, in parts

Will you recommend it?
Yes, to those who love horror comedy genre

Shivalinga Review by Siddhartha Toleti