Sher-Movie-reviewBOTTOM LINE
a big bore.


“U/A” Certified – 118 minutes

Sher-Movie-reviewWhat is the film about?
Sher is another typical revenge flick. How Gautam (Kalyan Ram) takes revenge for the death of one of his family members is what the film ultimately showcases.

How is Kalyan Ram performance?
Kalyan Ram can be engaging on screen as we have seen recently in the film Pataas but can happen only if the script is up to the mark as well. The actor despite years of presence in industry has not developed a personality where by his presence along would be enough to carry the film. In Sher this is glaringly obvious. There is nothing here for the actor and we see nothing from the actor in return.

director mallikarjun_Sher movie reviewDirection by Mallikarjun?
The direction in the film is poor without any doubt. Even the few moments which could be engaging in this predictable fare are handled badly lacking any excitement like the all important conversation of hero with the character of Shayiji Shinde. Now with such an outdated storyline and the predictable ‘Brahmi’ infused narrative chosen, there is simply nothing redeemable happening here. Mallikarjun even after a long gap from his previous film hasn’t been able to make something worthwhile.

sonal-chauhan_sher-telugu-movie-reviewHeroine and other actor’s performance?
If there are any actors who seems to be genuinely enjoying doing the movie or at least giving that vibes then it has be the heroine Sonal Chauhan and one of the villains played by Vikramjit Virk. The former plays the typical good hearted but ultimately dumb heroine falling in love with hero act neatly where as the latter plays the equally dumb villain with aplomb. Others just looks like doing their duty for the salaries they are being paid. Brahmanandam is okay like always but in few moments. Prudhvi who created a punch in the trailer has been grossly underused.

Sher-Movie-reviewMusic and other departments?
Music for the film composed by SS Thaman is ordinary. The background score is good only in few scenes but otherwise it’s ordinary. Editing is fine and cinematography is pretty substandard. Dialogues are unintentionally hilarious at times. Choreography of songs is also boring.

Short length

Everything else

Rohini-Sher-Review-ratingsAlternative Take
The storyline is as predictable as they come and also done to death. The only way to get noticed with such scenario would be to go against the trend and do it in totally unexpected fashion in terms of treatment. Om starring Kalyan Ram himself comes to the mind, which itself was a failure. May be the clue is right there that is to not chose such a subject in the first place?

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Sher Review by Siddhartha