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Faithful Passable Thriller


‘U/A’ Certified, 2h 11m

Rajashekar_ Shekar_Movie_ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Shekar (Rajashekar) is an ex-policeman with sharp acumen. Therefore, he is brought to investigate specific cases even though he is officially retired. Shekar is also a divorcee and alcoholic who has lost his daughter.

One day Shekar comes to know that his divorced wife Indu has met with an accident. She later succumbs to the injuries. Upon visiting the accident site, Shekar realises that it is not an accident but a pre-planned murder. The movie’s primary story is who is behind the killing and how Shekar uncovers the mystery.

Senior actor Dr Rajashekar plays a role that mostly suits his age. It offers him enough scope to emote emotionally and deliver a memorable act. However, it is only partly fulfilled.

Barring a slight stretch involving a flashback, Rajashekar sports a white and white look. The idea is correct, but the makeup, the beard and all could have been better designed. It looks a little tacky, and that appears as a distraction throughout. Looking beyond the appearance, Rajasekhar has done his part decently. The lack of ‘action’ covers the frailness neatly and highlights his strength. The emotions are on the spot barring a few moments (again due to looks). It is a good choice to do content-oriented flicks and roles at this stage of his career.

Jeevitha_ Shekar_Movie_ReviewAnalysis
Jeevitha Rajasekhar directs Shekar. It is a remake of a Malayalam movie named Joseph, which is reportedly based on real incidents that brought a change in the system.

The original itself has enough content to balance the emotions and drama. All one has to do is appropriately execute the whole thing bringing in a few changes to acclimatise it to our nativity. It is a mixed bag on that count, especially in the first half.

Malayalam films, in general, are slow-paced, taking time to establish the world and the characters. Joseph was no different. Care has been taken in this regard by the director to keep things crispy considering the local audience. Shekar has some speed, although not optimal, and it helps the narrative flow despite the lag.

The real issue is the drama doesn’t work in Telugu. It feels forced, especially with the young Rajashekar look and track not being convincing at all. The whole thing takes up the first half until the interval mark, where the critical twist related to the narrative is revealed.

Post intermission is where the exciting part lies as the investigation commences. The entire stretch until a break with the song is engaging. It could have been more gripping, but what we also have is alright, as all it needs to do is stick to the original. The content is already there, and that has enough meat.

After the song, the thriller narrative resumes again until a twist in the tale and a dramatic end. The climax is good and in tune with the rest of the proceedings, but it misses the emotional high seen in the original.

Overall, Shekar ends up as a decent flick where the thriller parts work even with a flatness. The story is the king here, and it is the reason, along with Rajashekar’s presence, to give it a try.

Shivani_Shivatmika_ Shekar_Movie_ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
Rajashekar gets the central pivotal role, whereas everyone else gets bits and pieces parts. Athameeya Rajan and Muskaan Khubchandani play the female leads opposite Rajasekhar. They have small characters but help in taking the narrative forward.

Kishore, Sameer, Bharani, and Ravi Varma play the friends group of Rajashekar. They are underutilised and lack group chemistry. Abhinav Gomatam playing a pivotal role is okay. Prakash Raj, seen in a special appearance, is adequate as one expects from him.

Music director Anup-Rubens-Music and Other Departments?
Anup Ruben’s music is very routine and seeped into his style. A couple of numbers do feel okay despite the heard before feel. The background score, a critical element for thrillers to work, is largely template filled stock music bits. The cinematography should have been better. Mallikarjun Naragani fails in getting the mood right slickly as the whole thing looks ordinary. Garry BH’s editing is usually on the spot, but the rhythm is missing here. Lakshmi Bhupala’s wiring is par for the course.

Prakash_Raj_ Shekar_Movie_ReviewHighlights?
Investigative Parts
Second Half

Emotional Drama
Patchy Feel
Slow Pace
First Half

Posani_Krishna_Murali_ Shekar_Movie_ReviewAlternative Take
For the alternate take, we have already had the original, Joseph. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a try.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, But With Huge Reservations.

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