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Shankara Review

shankara-movie-review-rating-25-highlights-story-screenplayBOTTOM LINE
Bad Remake.


‘U/A’ Certified.

nara-rohitWhat is the film about?
Shankar (Nara Rohit) comes to the city to continue his studies. He, unfortunately, lands in trouble as he is mistaken for someone else and taken by police. They go to the point where other than killing him there is no option left. How Shankar escapes the police and proves his innocence and helps in catching the actual culprits is what the film is all about.

How is Nara Rohit’s performance?
Nara Rohit has done a decent job as Shankar in the film. It is like in any other film he has done before and that’s where the problem lies. It never appears at any point that the character is vulnerable or facing real danger. He looks strong and the expressions convey the cool confidence all the time. For the role, he has chosen this is a big letdown. He is passable otherwise.

director-tatineni_satya_prakashDirection By Thathineni Satya Prakash?
T Satya Prasad has in the past made a couple of remakes, this is his third one. Among the three the first one was a moderate success but the second one was a failure and now the third one is following the paradigm of the second one. It is the casting of the main lead where the problem lies and everything else follows.

The film has a decent story and screenplay that is engaging enough. The issue arises when the audience doesn’t feel connected with the main protagonist and his problems. He doesn’t feel like a victim of the system. It’s clear from the beginning that he would find a way and manage it, he is not just an accidental hero, he is the super hero who can overcome any situation just like that.

The film takes considerable time to get into the main plot but once it does things move briskly. The interval is good. Again things drag a bit post interval but they pick up the pace and neatly progress till pre-climax. The climax feels routine and has no real impact. Overall it’s a strictly average fare but poor lead brings it few notches down.

regina-cassandra Regina Cassandra and others?
Regina Cassandra is a good actress but she has nothing in the film to do. She is just a spectator while hero does all the things. The real highlight of the film is villain act done by John Vijay. He goes overboard many times but is terrific when in control. He is the reason why one feels engaged to the story. Rajiv Kanakala also puts in a good performance in a character that is not like his usual routine help seeking, always in trouble kind. Dhanraj is wasted. Late MS Narayana too is wasted. Late Ahuti Prasad shows in a brief scene what a character artist we have missed. Others are adequate for their roles.

music-director-sai-karthikMusic and other departments?
Sai Karthik has given routine songs but makes it up with background score. The cinematography is plain and editing could have been better. The film feels lengthy. Dialogues are ordinary.


Not that gripping
Lead hero casting

nara-rohit-reginaAlternative Take
The film has been remade in Hindi as Akira and it was a failure there too. Somehow what worked in the original has not been recreated anywhere.

Did I enjoy it?
Few parts

Will you recommend it?
No, watch the original Tamil version instead

Shankara Review by Siddhartha

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