Shadow Movie Review


Same old routine revenge drama.



Shadow telugu movie review
What is “Shadow” about?
Raghuram (Naga Babu) is a honest reporter who prepares a under cover report on mafia don Nana Bhai(Aditya Pancholi). The report falls in wrong hands and reaches Nana. As a result Nana kills Raghuram and his family. Raghuram’s son Rajaram (Venkatesh) survives and when he becomes big he tries for revenge. How he would destroys Nana and his men forms the rest of the story.

Venkatesh-Shadow telugu movie review
How is Venkatesh?
Venkatesh palyed the role of an action hero after a long time and he managed it well. Venkatesh as Shadow with beard look is Okay. He looked very good in other role as Rajaram. His role as Chanti where he acted as memory loss patient is terrible.

Shadow telugu movie review - Meher Ramesh
How is Meher Ramesh direction?
Meher Ramesh had selected a very routine story on the basis of many Telugu films were made. It was like old wine in a new bottle. The direction is pretty ordinary and screen play offers nothing new. The same movie can be made with modest budget but Meher had spent a fortune. He tries to evoke comedy through MS Narayana as psycho Sreenivas but he couldn’t fully succeed. There are number of prominent actors in the movie for example Suman not at all used to their potential.

Shadow telugu movie review -Tapsee
What about Tapsee,Madhurima, Srikanth, MS and others ?
Tapsee looked extremely pretty but only confined to songs. Her dances in Naughty girl song is very good. Srikanth plays the role of a Police officer which is not at all exciting. Madhurima plays his wife and is equally unexciting. MS Narayana as Psycho Srinivas evoked some laughs but not to the extent of his recent roles in Baadshah or Dookudu. There is a galaxy of stars like Suman, Shiyaji Shinde, Vennela Kishore, Thagubothu Ramesh who are all totally wasted.

Shadow telugu movie review - Thaman
How is Music, Songs, Dances &other departments?
Thaman had delivered an average album for the movie. The title song and the item number are decently shot. Back ground score is very good and elevated few scenes. Couples of songs are good (Title song, Naughty girl, Gola gola). Except Tapsee’s dances in Naughy girl other songs have very routine dance steps.

Srikanth-Shadow telugu movie review
1, Naughty girl song
2. Gabbar Singh Anthyakshari episode to some extent
3. MS Narayana’s comedy to some extent

Shadow telugu movie review - Madhurima
Any Drawbacks?
1. No novelty in story
2. Boring screenplay and narration.

Shadow telugu movie review - MS Narayana
What about its box office prospects?
It is really great on the part of Venkatesh giving chance to Meher even after delivering a debacle like Shakti. But Meher Ramesh failed to use it properly. Its high time he should recognize the value of story other than the so called stylish picturization. The story offers nothing new or exciting to the audience. From the start to the end, it happens like it should happen with out creating any interest for the user. We will have to see how the audience receive it.

Did I enjoy it?
Not so much.

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