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Illogical But Crazy Ride


‘UA’ Certified

Seven (7) Movie Review, Regina Cassandra's Seven Telugu Review RatingsWhat Is the Film About?
One woman after other comes to a police station and registers a complaint regarding missing husband. It turns out the man in question is same guy Karthik (Havish) across all cases. The police do their investigation and try to find out the truth about the whole happenings. What did they find? Who is Karthik (Havish) really, and what is his relationship with the various women?

Havish’s central character performance is the movies’ the biggest weak link. Giving expression is not as easy as growing hair, which is the only thing the actor has in abundance. It is a chore to sit through the proceedings whenever Havish is onscreen. Unfortunately, he is present for most of the runtime of the movie.

The dubbing of the actor is very off along with the non-existent acting. The lack of confidence can be felt in the body language in many scenes where Havish isn’t even looking at the camera. When he does it looks like Mass Maharaja’s blind act from Raja The Great.

Seven (7) Movie Review, Regina Cassandra's Seven Telugu Review RatingsAnalysis
Nizar Shafi, a famous cinematographer, makes his directorial debut with Seven. It is a different attempt in that the routine-story is presented in a thriller format with multiple twists in the narrative.

Most of the films in the thriller category leave logic to the air and go ahead with illogical twists. The only purpose here seems to be to thrill the audience no matter what. With that in mind, some movies, despite all the apparent flaws and lack of logic, manage to hold attention. They are either good or so bad that the fun makes it worth a watch. The common aspect in both the cases is the sheer force and conviction with which the whole thing is played out. We get that in Seven.

The movie opens interestingly at the police station, but as soon as the flashback begins, the same is lost. Once again, the engagement comes when we are back to the present. The same continues until the pre-climax where Rahman takes charge of the proceedings briefly and comes across as the lead.

The second half again follows the same pattern, but it gets boring due to the repetitiveness. However, very soon we get into the crux of the matter after all the build-up. It throws an unexpected curveball with the character of Saraswati. If one doesn’t mind the direction in which the narrative takes a turn here, Seven is essentially over at this point. On the other hand, if you don’t mind it and go with the flow, there is enough high pitch drama that will hook.

What happens immediately after the flashback is next level “dramatic” extravaganza that has to be seen to be believed. The extremity on display, done with a high level of conviction, and sheer force, is sure to evoke a reaction. Again, it will split the crowd.

In short, the second half starting from the flashback and introduction of the character of Saraswati has enough meat to engage. The major issue is those who go to the movie watching the trailer will feel entirely misguided. They have been set different expectations, and what they get is another thing. Also, it is not for everyone. The extreme craziness, mixed with illogicalness, shown will resonate with only a few.

In the end, if you want to go through a crazy but illogical ride, Seven is a decent outing for you. It has the necessary blocks in place.

Seven (7) Movie Review, Regina Cassandra's Seven Telugu Review RatingsRegina Cassandra and Others?
There are not one or two, but six heroines in the movie. Among them, Nanditha Swetha, Anisha Ambrose and Regina Cassandra get the bests parts. Again between them, Regina is on a different level. It is the role of a lifetime for her concerning the acting chops. She acts, then overacts and finally goes beyond. The older version of the same part played by an old artist is the surprise factor in the movie. Now, whether the surprise was a positive one or negative will be left to the individual. We did not mind as it goes well with the overall tone established by the director. In fact, the act takes it to a peak.

Rahman is the hero of the film when the actual one is missing on screen. Watching him do his part makes one feel if he was the main lead somehow. Sathya is decent, playing a journalist role that is used for fun. The rest is a mixed bag with some being stiff and bad, and others overacting.

Seven (7) Movie Review, Regina Cassandra's Seven Telugu Review RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
Chaitan Bharadwaj of RX100 fame provides the music. It is nowhere near that album musically. The background score too is loud and nothing special. The cinematography, which is also handled by the director is neat. The movie looks properly lit up like a biggie in many sequences. The editing is alright; there is no lag as the film races ahead. The writing should have been better.

Seven (7) Movie Review, Regina Cassandra's Seven Telugu Review RatingsHighlights?
Regina Cassandra (also older self)
Second Half


Seven (7) Movie Review, Regina Cassandra's Seven Telugu Review Ratings

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes in parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes but with huge reservations.

7 Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti