Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu Review

Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu Review

It can be your family on screen!

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What is  ‘SVSC about?
Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu is the story of a beautiful family of Prakash Raj who is fondly called as Relangi Mavayya. His two sons are Venkatesh and Mahesh who are called as Peddodu and Chinnodu in the family. Peddodu is an unemployed youth who never likes to do some thing for the sake of doing some thing. His Brother Chinnodu is charming young man and is the target of every girl in the locality. He meets a girl Geeta (Samantha) and falls for her instantly. And there is also Seetha, the maradalu of Venky who lives and dreams for him. Due to a certain reason, differences creep in the family. What is it and how it had impacted their lives forms the actual part of the story.

Did Mahesh dominate Venkatesh ..or the other way ?
Yes, it was more or less a one man show of Mahesh in the movie. As per the script, Mahesh’s role is crucial and he had delivered it perfectly with superb acting and excellent comedy timing. Venkatesh at the same time had done justice to his character which emotes lots of emotions.

Dil Raju _Srikanth _Addala_SVSC Review
How is Srkanth Addala’s direction?
Just a one film old director, Srikanth Addala had got any oppurtunity of directing a multistarer which was not attained by the great directors of his generation. The story is a wafer thin line with out any cinematic touch. It can happen in any of our households. Making a movie out of it is very difficult but Srikanth managed to deliver it with good screenplay. However he had lost his track in making the movie commercially viable.

Samantha and Anjali _SVSC Review
What about Anjali, Samantha, and others?
Both Samantha and Anjali are too good in their roles. Samantha had donned the role of a naughty glam girl and Anjali was just like a girl next door. Unlike the films in recent times where heroines are confined only to songs, both Samantha and Anjali had got enough to do in the movie. Prakash Raj is too good as Relangi Mavayya. He excelled in the role of a kind old man. Rao Ramesh is good as always as jealous rich man. Ravi Babu managed few laughs. Remaining are good.

Mickey J Meyer_SVSC Review
How is Music, Songs and Dances?
Mickey J.Meyer’s music is soothing and enhanced the feel of scenes in the movie. All the songs are good to listen and neatly shot on screen. Vana Chinukulu songs and the marriage song are treat to watch.

How is the Cinematography?
Guhan’s camera work is wonderful as always. The entire movie is colourful with excellent grading.

Brahmanandam_SVSC Review
What are the highlights?
1. Mahesh Babu’s role
2. Mahesh’s mannerism’s and comedy timing
3. Prakash Raj’s performance
4. Perfect casting
5. Vana Chinukulu and Marriage song

Mahesh Babu SVSC Review
Any Drawbacks?
1. Slow paced narration
2. No commercial cinematic touches like comedy and fights
3. Humour missing between Peddodu – Chinnodu scenes
4. Poor climax..You wouldn’t know it is climax


What about its box office prospects?
SVSC is a household story of several typical middle class Telugu families. People who watched the movie will connect to the movie at some stage or others. But when it comes to BO prospects, it is very difficult to judge. It all depends on how families and ladies receive it in festive season.

Did I enjoy it?
Partly Yes.

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