Sseethamma-andalu-ramayya-sitralu-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Boringly Predictable


‘U’ Certified, 133 mins.

Sseethamma-andalu-ramayya-sitralu-reviewWhat is the film about?
Ram (Raj Tharun) loves Seetha (Artana) from his childhood. Seetha’s family wants to marry her to a rich family. How Raj wins the girl in the end is what the film is all about.

How is Raj Tharun’s performance?
Raj Tharun is his usual self including one mandatory emotional scene. You could carnage the name of the film and his performance would be same basically. Good thing is whatever he is doing currently is engaging to certain extent and didn’t entirely bore. At least in his previous films there was a change in backdrop here the village set up, although good, makes his act look even more repetitive.

Srinivas GavireddyDirection By Srinivas Gavireddy?
Srinivas has directed individual scenes well. Some of them carry the required punch but when two scenes are put together they lack the energy and engaging effect. Something is amiss and once the film enters the ‘challenging’ realms he loses it completely. In the end its a big missed opportunity.

-Srinivas Gavireddy-seethamma-andalu-ramayya-sitralu-reviewAarthana and others?
Artana is alright with very limited expressions. Most of the time we see her scoffing and that’s it. Among others only Shakalaka Shankar shines as he manages to entertain with his impeccable comic timing. The rest have no real roles to create an impact. Take for example the character of Raja Ravindra which is set up so nicely but nothing really happens with it till the end.

-Srinivas Gavireddy-seethamma-andalu-ramayya-sitralu-reviewMusic and other departments?
Music for the film given by Gopi Sundar is superlative. It has a charm and works well in the narrative. Background score is equally good. Editing is smooth and cinematography is fine. Dialogues are another big plus for the film, especially the comedy punches.

-Srinivas Gavireddy-seethamma-andalu-ramayya-sitralu-reviewHighlights?
Village set up.

Weak story.
Predictable screenplay.

-Srinivas Gavireddy-seethamma-andalu-ramayya-sitralu-reviewAlternative Take
Within Telugu cinema itself many films have been made on similar lines with few of them managing to be entertaining as well. An alternative take would be to simply watch those entertaining films.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts.

Will you recommend it?
Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu Review by Siddhartha