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Senseless And Pointless


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 22 mins

Savaari Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Raju (Nandu) is a horse keeper. He uses it for marriages and earns money through it. Bhaagi (Priyanka Sharma) is an orphaned girl who lives with her uncle and aunt. They want to marry her to a rich old guy, which she does not like. How she forms a relationship with Raju and eventually fall in love is what the movie is all about?

How Is Nandu’s Performance?
Nandu, who is usually seen playing supporting parts, gets a lead role here. He plays an uncultured low-level guy. The actor puts a sincere portrayal of the character. His look and particular traits are well designed. The Telangana slang also is decent.

Given the kind of work, Nandu has done in mainstream movies, Savaari might come across as his best. However, the shortcoming is also visible here, the prominent among them being the lack of screen presence. The chaotic looking making also puts a dent to his efforts.

Saahith Mothkuri December 18, 2019 ·   Direction by Saahith Mothkuri?
Saahith Mothkuri who won great acclaim for his short film turns director with Savaari. Unfortunately, he has not been able to translate his smaller success to the big screen.

Savaari never looks like a movie for the big screens. The whole set up and the acting gives a short film vibe. What is further disappointing is that the short film had better making and emotions compared to the movie?

The movie starts on a chaotic note, and it maintains the same throughout. At one point one gets restless with the proceedings seeming to lack head or tail. It happens intermittently and when it is not the case what we get is a very routine premise.

Many scenes are executed in a way that results in frustration. They are lengthy and have a predictable formula is crime caper. The comedy doesn’t work and adds to the irritation. The core love story has no freshness despite the desperate attempt to make it look so.

One feels a relief when the interval moment arrives. It should be enough to say what the movie has to offer.

The second half is comparatively better. The reason for that is we get to a single consistent tone and proceedings. The formulaic narrative notwithstanding, we understand the emotional underpinning of different characters.

In that sense, the climax of the movie is done neatly where an emotional convergence is felt. It is a relief compared to what precedes it. That it is routine and tiring one is another issue that comes later, once we settle in.

Overall, Savaari is an attempt to do something whacky and natural gone entirely awry. Theatrically, it is impossible to sit until the end. In short, Savaari is an avoidable outing.

Savaari Movie ReviewPriyanka Sharma and Others?

Priyanka Sharma is the heroine in the movie. She was also part of the short film that the director made a couple of years ago. If one has seen that, the contrast in parts would be understandable. Coming to her act in Savaari, it is way over the top, and screechy. The interest in her antics is lost pretty soon.

The rest of the actors do their bits which seems disjointed from the core narrative involving the lead pair. They try hard to be funny. A couple of jokes works due to the deadpan expressions, but the rest is mediocre.

Savaari Movie ReviewMusic and Other Departments?
Among the different technical departments, music by Sekhar Chandra is easily the better one. Some of those songs sound nice on-screen even if one has heard them for the first time. The cinematography and editing are bad. The writing is weak. One can quickly feel that Saahith is trying too hard to impress, but it isn’t working.

Parts of Climax
Sincerity Of Nandu


Alternative Take
For now, watching the short film from the director would be a better alternative take. That is after forgetting that the movie exists.

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Savaari Review by Siddartha Toleti