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Satya-2-ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Have a Tea, forget the movie.

139 minutes.

Oh-No Rating

What is “Satya – 2” about?
Satya-2 much like Satya tells the story of a person. The film is basically his journey from the moment he enters into a city till the end. But the similarity ends there between the two and Satya-2 is a completely new journey of a person who is frustrated by the system and creates a parallel system of his own. It is an interesting idea and the only interesting part of the film remains this idea itself.

How is Sharwanand?
Sharwanand fits the role well. Leaving aside his distracting hair piece the actor brings a sensibility and interest to the farfetched and unbelievable proceedings. He tries his best and shines in few emotional scenes as well, which are in any case his strength.

How is RGV’s direction?
Ram Gopal Varma by now has dealt with all that is possible in the mafia, gangster genre which seems to have prompted him to come up with a fantasy in this genre now. Satya-2 is basically a gagster fantasy movie where the director shows his fantasy down the throat of the audience. Once again the director comes up with mostly mediocre film barring few portions which do remind of the director’s glorious past and is gripping. Before one starts to fall in the trap that finally the director could deliver something worthwhile the director immediately makes sure that such notions are dispelled with completely amateur sequences.

What about Anaika Soti, Anjali Gupta, Suresh and others ?
Anaika Soti looks good and that’s the best that could be said about her. The actress’s innocent act is so over the top and gyrating on the nerves that it gives a feeling of hundred nails scratching the wall at the same time. Aradhana Gupta tries her best to compete with her in a completely opposite sort of way but is nonetheless no match to her. Mahesh Thakur is a decent and so is Kaushal Kapoor who gets to play characters that are typical in Ram Gopal Varma films. Naara is fine in his limited role. Amal Sehrawat and Raj Premi are okay.

How is Music, Songs and Dances and other departments?
Music as expected is worse and songs come as big speed breakers in the film. It’s the same with background score as well which is loud and irritating most of the times. Editing is a mess and on top of that additional censoring doesn’t help. Cinematography is good in parts. Dubbing of characters in the film barring that of main lead is poor.

1.Basic plot of the film
2.Pre interval portions when company is formed

1.Poor execution
2.Lack of clarity on the subject
5.Anaika Soti

What about its box office prospects?
Forget about it.

Did I enjoy it?
Absolutely no!

Would I recommend it?

Reviewed by Siddhartha

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