Sashi Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Outdated Romantic Drama


2h 11m, ‘U/A’ Certified.

Aadhi Sai Kumar - Sashi Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Raj aka Rajkumar (Aadi) is an angry and grumpy guy, but with a good heart. His family include his mother, brother and sister. They try their best to bring sense to him but Raj doesn’t change his way.

One day Raj chances an unexpected glance at Sashi (Surabhi) in a temple. He changes his attitude whenever she is around, but she doesn’t recognize him. What happens when Raj confronts Sashi? Who is she and why is Raj the way he is? How his story eventually ends is what the movie is all about?

How Is Aadhi’s Performance?
After a gap, Aadi is back on the big screen again. He comes with a role that is in his terrain of youth and love. Of course, there is a difference here as we additionally see a lot of angst.

Aadi is decent as usual. He goes through the proceedings with ease. The problem is that it lacks a remarkable or memorable quality. There is nothing in it that makes the act stand out. The angry youth part looks decent at best. The fully grown beard doesn’t fit aptly on him. The emotional sequences are routine and he has done much better in the past.

Srinivas Naidu NadikatlaDirection by Srinivas Naidu ?
Srinivas Naidu directs Sashi. The story of the film is terribly routine and outdated. Still, he does manage to hold interest to some extent.

Sashi is about Rajkumar. He is angry and frustrated about something and has turned him into an alcoholic. The relationship with his family, especially the elder brother is suffering as a result.

However, Raj is not entirely insufferable. He has some good qualities at the same time. He is part of a band and the members interact with him well. The whole narrative between these two distinct worlds creates intrigue as to why Raj is behaving that way.

We see a lot of build-ups and then the heroine enters the scene to further add confusion to the mix. While nothing else is happening story-wise, the suspense about the last drives the proceedings. The interval bang is alright and one hopes to get clarity and some drama in the second half.

What happens in the second half, unfortunately, is a buzz killer. The proceedings are utterly routine and trite. The comedy doesn’t work. The emotions are forced and lack any natural flow.

But, the biggest disappointment of all is the incident related to the heroine. After all the build-up, it fizzles out. One is left bemused at the sheer banality of it all.

The sad part is that the proceedings are extended further with extraordinarily contrived emotions and situations. They are very routine and done to death variety. One might as well walk away after knowing the real cause and they wouldn’t miss much.

In the end, Sashi is a routine and outdated love story with predictable and artificial emotions. There is nothing fresh in the movie except the music. If you have seen enough love stories, Sashi can be easily skipped.

Surabhi - Sashi Telugu Movie Review Surabhi and Others?
Surabhi has a thankless role despite having two shades to it. The actress is alright in the routine part of the two. Rajeev Kanakala overdoes the emotions in a boring and forgetful part. Jayaprakash has a decent role, but it is handled poorly.

Ajay and others including the comedy gang don’t have any real flourish to make an impact. They are also weak and have no real meat to them.

Sashi Telugu Movie ReviewMusic and Other Departments?
Music is the only department which leaves some impression. The songs are fine. The background score is overdone. The cinematography is fine for the most part. It has the right realistic quality in parts. The editing could have been better, especially at the start and in the second half. The writing is weak, overall, barring a few dialogues by the hero.

Sashi Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Short Length

Contrived Emotions
Second Half
No Emotional Connection

SashiTelugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take
Cutting down on the predictable quotient and giving the hero-heroine flashback a different twist relate to the current times would have definitely changed the present impression.

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