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One-time Watchable Musical


‘U/A’ Certified

GV PrakashWhat Is the Film About?
Peter Johnson (GV Prakash) is a son of a Dalit mrudangam maker. A chance encounter with Ramasastry (Nedumudi Venu) changes his life and takes him in musical direction. What happens when there is a fallout between the two and how it ends is what the film is all about?

How Is GV Prakash Kumar’s Performance?
GV Prakash is okay in the role of Peter Johnson. He gives his best, but there is a consistent feeling that it is not enough. The musical part, which is, playing ‘mrudangam’ is neat, but the dramatic sequence lack depth. A better actor with more charisma in that part would have elevated emotional quotient.

Director Rajiv MenonDirection by Rajiv Menon?
Rajiv Menon is coming with a film after a gap of 18 years. However, when we watch the movie, it is clear that he has not lost his touch. In fact, we get a feeling that he is abreast with all the latest developments and is in tune with the needs, and tastes of the current generation.

Since there is a massive gap between his movies, it might not be right to find a common thread, and group it as his style, but there is definitely a feeling of familiarity and distinctness despite the passing of so much time. The visuals, for starters, are fresh and bear a unique vision. They are eye-pleasing even if it depicts poverty. The romance and chemistry between the actors are subtle, and the drama is old school variety. These recurring pointers could be easily felt.

The movie begins on a very routine note, but the interest piques up with the introduction of Ramasastry. The way the character is designed and Nedumudi Venu enacts it is terrific. It makes us hooked to the proceedings more than the main track involving the hero. The first half is neat with the various subplots not dragging and keeping the narrative brisk.

The second half feels a bit longer as the narrative hits a predictable path. More importantly, while a realistic tone has been taken for the proceedings ultimately what we watch is a fairy-tale underdog winning story. When the underdog fails to connect here, there is always going to be an issue. We know where it is headed, and the journey towards the end also feels predictable. Also, in between the narrative is filled with many clichés which makes it further dull. The music and the climax keep the interest alive, though.

On the whole, Sarvam Thaala Mayam is a good and honest attempt without any doubt. It misses the spellbinding effect that is so necessary for films of this type and ends up as a good one-time watch.

Aparna Balamurali and Others?
The film is filled with great supporting cast and the heroine Aparna Balamurali comes across as a part of it. Among the various subplots, it is her track which feels the most clichéd and boring in the final scheme of things. Kumaravel suits the role of the father character perfectly and gives a believable, realistic performance. The real highlight of the movie without any doubt is Nedumudi Venu’s act. He is a delight to watch onscreen. Whenever he appears, he dwarfs everyone else. The playfulness and seriousness are beautifully nuanced in his role. Vineeth is seen essaying a significant role after ages, and he has done well. Santha Dhananjayan shines in the all-important one sequence. The rest are alright.

Music Director AR RahmanMusic and Other Departments?
AR Rahman has given good music to the film. It is not as extraordinary as one would have expected for a couple of reasons. The first one being the combination with Rajiv Menon with whom he has delivered all times classics in the past. The second one is the film being a musical something magical was anticipated. The background score too is adequate. The cinematography is stunning. The editing is neat and crisp. The writing is appropriate and sufficient enough to keep the narrative light.

Nedumudi Venu’s Role
First Half

Missing Emotional Depth
Second Half
Many Clichés

Alternative Take
A change in the main lead, for starters, feels like a must. It should be followed by better integration of musical talent shows and Carnatic backdrop.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Sarvam Thaala Mayam Review by Siddartha

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