Sarkar Review, Sarkar Telugu Movie Review RatingsBOTTOM LINE
Shallow Political Drama


2 hrs 43 mins

Sarkar Review, Sarkar Telugu Movie Review RatingsWhat Is the Film About?
Sundar Ramaswamy (Vijay) is a corporate monster. He comes to Hyderabad to cast his vote. In an unexpected way, his vote is already cast. A frustrated Sundar (Vijay) moves the court to recast his vote citing a section in electoral law. One act of courage leads to a movement and it affects the newly elected government adversely. What happens to Sundar (Vijay) when the government decides to take a revenge on him is what the film is all about?

How Is Vijay’s Performance?
Vijay is in his elements, as usual. There is no false note in what he does and has been doing so consistently for the past many years. In fact, that appears to be a problem for the non-regular audience who are not used to his “usual” mannerisms. It feels like overdone.

However, there are moments where the subtle intensity is also displayed like the first interaction with the burnt child, speech at fisherman colony etc which helps in making a positive impression.

Sarkar Review, Sarkar Telugu Movie Review RatingsDirection by AR Murugadoss?
AR Murugadoss is an experienced hand when it comes to mixing social causes and entertainment. In Sarkar, he picks up another issue that is easily identifiable and weaves a commercial entertainer around it.

The idea here in Sarkar is fresh without any doubt. The entire first half rests on that one single point and AR Murugadoss is able to engage with the proceedings. But, within the same half, it becomes clear that the director is treading a thin line. The graph never feels like positively moving upwards. There are a couple of high moments and then immediately, there is a boring scene or two. Still, the freshness of the point and where it will lead the narrative makes it exciting.

At the interval mark, which is well-executed and sure to be loved by fans, it becomes clear that Murugadoss is taking the concept forward in a silly way that will only be about fanservice with no real intrigue or insight further into the core issue. The second half, therefore, is a series of sequences that are way over the top and designed at only pleasing the fans. Some parts would definitely be liked by the fans, but for a regular audience, Murugadoss has nothing exciting to offer. The songs act like speed breakers and are bad, in general.

Everything that happens in the second half is predictable except for a brief interaction before the climax. Although the fights are well shot, they lack proper emotional resonance. The climax feels rushed and lacks any impact. It can be said about other emotional scenes as well which are also a deterrent in liking the proceedings on screen.

Overall, Sarkar is another average fare that is strictly for the fans. For the rest, it is a below-par project presenting nothing new in story or performance except for the basic premise.

Sarkar Review, Sarkar Telugu Movie Review RatingsKeerthy Suresh and Others?
Keerthy Suresh playing the heroine has nothing to say acting wise. The character is ‘technically’ part of the narrative, but besides that, the script offers no realistic scenario for her to excel. Varalaxmi Saranthkumar is decent in the small role she has got. Radha Ravi is superb in his part and is the second best thing, just like his character, about the movie in the acting space. Yogi Babu is wasted and so is Thulasi in a two-scene sort of appearance.

Sarkar Review, Sarkar Telugu Movie Review RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
AR Rahman usually never disappoint with music in a big-ticket film. He makes sure there are a couple of noticeable songs atleast and the background score stands out. Sadly, Sarkar has been one of his weakest outings as a musician. Barring one song, that also doesn’t make an impact in Telugu, there is nothing worthwhile from him. The background score is also feeble. The cinematography is decent. The editing could have been sharper. The dialogues are also not that effective in Telugu.

Sarkar Review, Sarkar Telugu Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Basic Concept
Action Scenes
First Half

Second Half
Forced Emotions

Sarkar Review, Sarkar Telugu Movie Review RatingsAlternative Take
Introducing the character of Varalaxmi Sarathkumar earlier and bringing more depth to the proceedings within the political space would be a perfectly fine alternative take.

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts

Will You Recommend It?
Only for the fans

Sarkar Telugu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti


Final Report:

AR Murugadoss has tried to something fresh within limited political space. It works to an extent in the first half but the second half goes for a toss. Visit back for our frank review soon.

– Vijay chooses a CM and talks about how he changed everything in just 14 days. Movie ends. Final report shortly.

– 210 MLAs wins on 210 different symbols, now it’s time to choose a Chief Minister.

– Afty Varalaxmi enters the political scene the movie picks up some steam. Now the political war is between Vijay and Varalaxmi.

– Vijay started sketching strategies for fielding his candidates. The movie has started going off the track.

– Vijay goes to the political venue of the rival party and throws a challenge that he will field his men in all 234 constituencies.

– Sarkar second half started. Vijay starts his political journey.

First Half Report:

Sarkar first half is decent in parts. So far, it’s a one man show by Vijay. While Keerthy Suresh tags along with Vijay and have no significance, Varalaxmi is limited to few scenes. Stay tuned for final report.

– Sundar Ramaswamy (Vijay) repeats his popular ‘Kaththi’ movie dialogue “I’m Waiting”. Interval.

– Vijay to contest in the election against the Party head and CM candidate in his own constituency. Interval bang on the political challenge.

– Varalaxmi, the evil daughter of the party Chief is trying to guide the father from foreign on strategies against Vijay.

– After Vijay approaches the court, Election Commission issues an emergency order and stops the swearing in ceremony of the Cheif Minister (Pala. Karuppiah). The re-election should take place in 15 days.

– Now the troubled senior party politician (Radha Ravi) plans a murder attack on Vijay. Time for first fight. Keerthy Suresh stays along with Vijay right from the first scene.

– Vijay decided to stay put and deals with the political climate. He sends his foreign personal security men from India.

– After Vijay calls for a press meet more than three lakh people files legal cases that their votes too cast illegally.

– Election result will be announced after Vijay casts his vote. Meanwhile, he runs into a challenge with a politician.

– Vijay (Sundar Ramaswamy) goes through the legal proceedings and stops EC making announcement on the election result.

– Vijay’s vote has been cast illegally. Everyone is curious to see how a corporate head will deal with it.

– Vijay lands in Chennai but clarifies that he is in town for few hours to cast his Vote.

– Vijay makes his intro with a song in the US.

– Sarkar show started in Mumbai. A company head giving intro to his employees about Sundar (Vijay) who ruthlessly targets other companies and acquire them. Vijay lives in the US. Corporate heads are worried about his arrival.

Sarkar US premier live updates will begin from 4.30 am IST (6 PM EST).

Preview: Sarkar

Sarkar‘ is a Diwali gift for Vijay Ilyapathy’s fans and the crazy combination has driven them quite crazy. Finally, the mass star’s die-hard fans have got the chance to watch the magic of the crazy combo for the third time. The buzz on the movie is quite huge and it is carrying all the blockbuster vibes along with it.

The movie has done a great business and is coming in almost 3400 theatres from all over the world. It’s a huge release next only to ‘Baahubali’. With the festival week ahead, the movie has all the chance for an overwhelming opening collection and is seen as a movie that has got the potential to beat Baahubali opening collections.

Unless AR Murugadoss did a ‘Spyder’, it is already fixed that it might become a blockbuster. The promo material, the tease and the trailer gave the same vibes and impressed the audiences, big time. Vijay has a huge Tamil fan base across the world and this will help the movie big time and added to this is the crazy combo.

However, his craze is minimal in the Telugu States, and the buzz for the Telugu version is not huge, especially, because Telugu audiences can’t forget Murugadoss’ previous release ‘Spyder’. that turned out to be one of Mahesh Babu’s worst disasters.

AR Murugadoss and Vijay’s combination never failed and hence, the expectations on the movie are high and the hype is on the peaks, for sure. The rest of the things like the heroines and the other cast and crew are only superficial for the success as the primary focus is only ARM and Vijay.

Will the combo live up to the expectations? Will Diwali give a blockbuster for Vijay’s fans for double celebrations? Stay tuned and keep watching this space for mirchi9 genuine ‘Sarkar’ movie review.