Sammohanam ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Largely Captivating – Partially Boring


‘U’ Certified.

Sudheer Babu --Sammohanam ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Vijay (Sudheer Babu) is a children novel illustrator waiting for his publication. He has a wrong impression on films, in general. What happens when he gets to unexpectedly travel with a superstar heroine Sameera (Aditi Rao Hydari)? Do his opinions change and what happens finally is what the movie is all about?

How Is Sudheer Babu’s Performance?
Much like the recently released cool, breezy movie that promised a makeover for its lead actor, here is another venture that is on similar ‘makeover’ space. The good news is barring few odd moments Sudheer Babu slips into the setting beautifully. There is nothing exceptional here regarding performance, but the job is done by not ruining what is already present in writing. Could it have been elevated further? Sure, that could be the case, but what we have is decent and works fine.

Mohan-Krishna-IndragantiDirection by Mohan Krishna?
Director Mohankrishna Indragati is making moderately budgeted dialogue oriented movies from the very beginning. His films have a unique voice which is always welcome, and also, there is a visible attempt to do different genre movies. Sammohanam is another in the line from the maker whose last venture was the whacky comedy Ami Tumi.

In Sammohanam, the director brings the movie set up and contrasts it with the real world feeling and happiness. We don’t get films often in this space, but whenever they get made occasionally, usually the conflicts are similar. We have such similarities in Sammohanam as well. There is the usual star characterisation who longs for a simple life and its pleasures and the star meeting an ordinary person. In fact, many might remember the plagiarism allegation Mohankrishna Indragati faced due to the storyline. Well, the sameness ends there and what we get in Sammohanam is different, in the end.

What works in the movie is the writing. It is engaging and drives the narrative. The entertainment keeps coming up, and the key scenes are handled very well. The first half is breezy and neatly told with the music placement and dialogues being superb. The terrace scene stands out and so does the interval point, although it is nothing out of the world.

The second half starts well, but somewhere the director loses track on the plot level itself. The backstory involving the heroine trouble and its resolution comes across as tacky and weak compared to the way things have been handled before that revelation. Everything gets explained in that one scene with the star’s personal being the guide to hero (and the audience) feels contrived and lacks depth. The follow up is again fine.

Overall, we have a movie that is thoroughly engaging and entertaining for the most part. There are hiccups, but they can be excused in the broader context as the intensity is maintained. It makes for a good one-time watch.

Aditi Rao Hydari -Sammohanam ReviewAditi Rao Hydari and Others?
Aditi Rao Hydari is brilliant in Sammohanam. She is a perfect cast for the part and makes the whole enterprise believable. As mentioned above, there are some key scenes in the movie that work well, a significant share of the credit goes to Aditi Rao for that to happen. She is one rare combination of beauty and talent. The next biggest asset for the movie is senior actor Naresh. He totally dominates the comedy segment. At times, he goes overboard, but that seems fine within the setup. It is a memorable character for him. Pavitra Lokesh is good and so are others who have small parts like the movie crew (Nandu, and rest) and friends gang led by Rahul Ramakrishna.

Music Director Vivek SagarMusic Director Vivek SagarMusic and Other Departments?
Music is a major asset for the movie. There is a unique feel in the proceedings, and the entire credit goes to Vivek Sagar for the songs and the background score. The cinematography is neat. The writing is perfect for the setting with a right mixture of humour and drama.

Music and BGM
Aditi Rao Hydari
First Half

Thin Predictable Story
Parts of Second Half

Srinivas AvasaralaAlternative Take
Better integration of backstory of the “star” into the narrative. Also, getting hero into thick of things for a stronger resolution, in the end

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, for the most part

Will You Recommend It?

Sammohanam Review by Siddartha


Final Report:

Sammohanam is slow and turns boring at times. Sudheer’s performance is decent. Visit back for our detailed frank review shortly.

– Vijay (Sudheer) and heroine Sameera’s love story gets a happy ending. Final report shortly.

– Senior actor Naresh acting as a don episode worked out very well. It is hilarious. Sudheer clears the problem heroine Sameera facing.

– Sammohanam touches the ongoing hot topic Casting couch. Finally, the issues heroine Sameera facing revealed.

– Second half started. Sudheer is dealing with his love failure.

First Half Report:

Sammohanam first half is slow. Fresh pairing and some well written conversations makes it an Okay watch so far.

– Vijay’s (Sudheer) finally brings up his love proposal but actress Sameera (Aditi Rao) rejects him for the reasons not revealed. Interval.

– Actress Sameera and Sudheer likes each other and feel the love but don’t convey it. Movie shooting schedule ends at Sudheer’s home, Sameera leaves along with movie unit.

– Heroine Sameera (Aditi Rao) requests Sudheer to be his Telugu teacher while she shoots at his home. Sameera and Sudheer getting closer in the process. Actress Sameera is getting along with his family well at the same time.

– Naresh rents his home for movie shooting. Sameera (Aditi Rao Hydari) is the heroine comes to shoot along with the movie crew.

– Sudheer’s father Naresh is a movie buff but his son has a low opinion on movies and movie artists.

– Sammohanam show started. Sudheer Babu is a passionate children book writer. Tanikella Bharani gives him six months to come back with his project.

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Preview: Sammohanam

Once in a while, we come across films that begin with positive vibes and continue the same till the movie comes to the theatres. ‘Sammohanam‘ is one such movie that has been sending all positive vibes right from the beginning.

Mohana Krisha Indraganti is known as a sensible director and the movies he has done so far prove his credibility as a director. So, he is a big plus who chose to reveal intriguing content so far, in the promos making us to ait for the full treat.

For Sudheer Babu, it’s going to be a different movie and beautiful Aditi Rao Hydari is making her Tollywood debut with this movie. The star cast of the movie is good and looks apt for the roles.

With the feel-good audio and promising teaser and trailer, the movie has classy vibes written all over it. Of course, there is Mohana Krishna Indraganti’s stamp all over. Everything is so positive, will they deliver?

Will Sudheer Babu and Aditi Rao Hydari impress in their classy roles? Let’s wait for mirchi9 ‘Sammohanam’ review to know if ‘Sammohanam’ turns out be a successful outing for the director who is on a roll with two back-to-back hit films. Stay tuned, folks!

Sammohanam US Premier collection – 33 K as of 10 PM EST.