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Kiran-Abbavaram-Sammathame-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Krishna (Kiran Abbavaram) loses his mom in childhood. There is a lot of emptiness in their lives and house as a result. Krishna wants to get married as soon as possible and bring light to their lives. He has certain ideas about his wife but runs into Saanvi (Chandini Chowdary), an independent and current generation-like girl. Rest is all about how their love journey progresses.

Kiran Abbavaram who got a name for himself in energetic roles played a subdued character in this film. He delivers an okay kind of performance in the character which has orthodox thinking. There are no fireworks and at the same time, no disappointments.

Chandini Chowdary is like hit-and-miss. She is good at some places and odd in many. As a result, their chemistry looked odd. The actress is seen in a modern girl role but then, the usual energy and bubbliness which we expect from such roles are missing. As a result, the actress could not bring anything special on to the table. It is partly due to writing errors as well.

Gopinath Reddy has written and directed Sammathame. He has picked a familiar but relatable point – “If you love someone, you should be able to accept their flaws as well”. We have got many films on this line but it is important to drive it with strong characterizations, good entertainment, and appealing dialogues.

There is immense confusion in the characterizations. The hero has certain expectations about his wife but compromises on all of them for no reason initially. In the latter parts, he overreacts to every small thing. The girl is a modern independent girl but she gets so submissive and follows everything the hero imposes on her.

There is no proper justification for how she falls for the hero and following everything he asks for does not connect to the audience. At some point, it does not appear like the hero is having expectations, we only get a feeling of domination, and that too for no reason. The final conflict reason also feels silly. But the director gave closure to the story without too much melodrama. The ending feels neat due to that.

Finally, Sammathame has a wafer-thin story that needs fine execution to drive the point home. But the inexperience of the director showed up. Stories like this are better made for OTT or Short films. You can neither say it is a bad film nor can enjoy it. We need the patience to drive through the film. That journey is more comfortable on OTT where you will have the fast forward button.

Chandini-Chowdary-Sammathame-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
Sivannarayana and Goparaju Ramana are the other important roles in the film. Goparaju Ramana is completely underutilized in the father character despite his caliber and the scope for the role. Sivannarayana is okay here and there. Sapthagiri is disappointing in a poorly-written track. Annapurnamma also got a similar character. The rest of the characters do not register much.

Music-Director-Shekar-ChandraMusic and Other Departments?
Gopinath Reddy, the writer should have worked better. As said earlier, better characterizations, fresh scenes, good dialogues, and comedy would have resulted in a better performance. There are many songs in the film and some of them come in a rush. We have three songs in the first 30-40 minutes. Sekhar Chandra came up with 1-2 appealing songs and the remaining do not register. The background score is good. The camerawork is okay and the editing should have been better. The production values are fine for the story and the scale of the project.

A few scenes here and there.

Neat Climax

Wafer-thin story

Poor characterizations

Boring Scenes

Lack of comedy


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