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Brutally Boring


‘UA’ Certified, 2 hrs 51 mins

Saaho Review, Saaho Movie Review RatingsWhat Is the Film About?
The world’s most powerful group of a criminal syndicate is headed by Roy (Jackie Shroff). The entire syndicate is left with no leader when Roy dies in an accident. Devaraj takes the chance and tries to become the leader. His plans are thwarted when Roy’s son Vishwak enters the scene. However, he has other issues to deal, which involves a black-box, and tonnes of gold.

Where does Ashok Chakravarthy (Prabhas) fit into all of this? How is his relationship with Mithra (Shradha Kapoor)? What happens when the different worlds collide and where it all ends is what Saaho is all about?

How Is Prabhas’s Performance?
Rebel Star Prabhas returns to the big screen after a long gap of two years. Due to his long absence and that too in a modern avatar (Mirchi came way back in 2013), the onscreen presence is appealing. Unfortunately, that happens to the best part.

Prabhas looks bloated for a lot of portions. A couple of close-up shots are unflattering. He is also given a lazy attitude, which compounds the effect. The energy is what makes one stick to the proceedings despite the apparent shortcoming. The superficial detail like the styling is neat. He is also useful in the action scenes as one would expect. Sadly, lousy editing kills that enjoyment as well. Overall, the long gap doesn’t seem worth it, given the final output cinematically and acting-wise.

Saaho Review, Saaho Movie Review RatingsDirection by Sujeeth?
Young director Sujeeth has got a massive opportunity like no one else before in Telugu cinema, courtesy of Saaho. He has been entrusted with the responsibility of a mammoth production simply based on his debut Run Raja Run. But, sadly, he couldn’t make use of the opportunity.

The basic story of the film is the biggest issue here. It is highly predictable. To take people’s attention away from that, multiple sub-plots are introduced with numerous characters. What it does is it makes the screenplay convoluted and messy.

The issue becomes apparent with the first ten minutes itself when the syndicate is introduced. A robbery
update immediately follows it, and then the introduction of the hero. On its own, each small of these blocks are pretty fine and lavishly and excitingly shot. But, when seen as a narrative, cinematically on the big screen, it doesn’t come together as a whole. The seamless movement from one scene to other is absent, and the whole thing looks out of sync.

After an introduction fight that goes on and on, we are introduced to another round of new characters. They take the proceedings in a different direction which is then mixed with the main plot at the interval mark, after a series of illogical decisions. The logical aspect can be given as pass as this is a masala fare, but when intelligence is supposed to be a primary aspect of the narrative, the lack of definitely hurts. The interval point is decent with a first twist in the tale just before it.

The second half again embarks on a different track as the story moves out of the country. The chemistry between the leads, that begins in the first half is slowly turned into a love story with predictable and flat drama. It drags and tests our patience.

The screenplay gets further entangled in the multiple threads that have been started. There is an effort to tie in various tracks from time to time, which feels more like a recap than clever detailing or writing. The pre-climax segment offers some thrills – most of the trailer action belongs here, but the editing kills the fun. There is no enjoyment as the fun is ruined by a lack of clarity in the proceedings. It is the same with the final fight that is butchered due to editing.

All of these lead to a climax which brings us to the basic story. It can be guessed at the start itself and hence, when the grand reveal happens, it brings a chuckle rather than surprise. The subsequent portion after revelation is again well shot. But by that time, all the patient and energy is sucked out.

Overall, Saaho is stylishly made, but incredibly dull fare. The making reflects a pan-India approach, but sensibilities and content are neither here and nor there. A rich camouflage can never conceal the inherent hollowness. Saaho is a prime example. If you are a fan, you might want to check out to watch the hero on the big screen after a long gap. But, beyond that, there is no other reason to recommend a theatre visit.

Saaho Review, Saaho Movie Review RatingsShraddha Kapoor and Others?
Shraddha Kapoor is a big name from Bollywood who is part of Saaho. She has been given a role that is slightly more than flowerpot. At the same time, it isn’t that big to create an impact. The actress does her usual with all sincerity.

Apart from the actress, Saaho is filled with a massive cast of has-beens. Among them, Chunkey Pandey has got the best deal by far. He is competent in his part and seems to enjoy doing a role that offers him more than what he generally gets in big movies. Jackie Shroff, Mahesh Majrekar, and Mandira Bedi is wasted.

Neil Nithin Mukesh, Arun Vijay and Lal get decent parts. There is nothing to write home regarding the acting, but they add to the richness in the movie. Vennela Kishore doesn’t register. Prakash Belavadi and Murali Sharma have better roles than him, and they are alright. The list of artists doesn’t end here. Even for a small one minute’s parts, the makers have got known faces.

Saaho Review, Saaho Movie Review RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
Music by various composers, doesn’t fit into the narrative. They only add to the boredom and increase the length. The background score by Ghibran is fabulous and is one of the redeeming aspects of the movie along with the grandeur. The cinematography by Madhie is excellent.

The editing is terrible. It gives the movie a disjointed feel. The action choreography is decent, but the editing and the way the scenes are conceived takes down the impact. The writing is weak. The visuals effects are commendable in the Dubai chase sequences.

Saaho Review, Saaho Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Production Values

Run Time
No Emotional Connect

Saaho Review, Saaho Movie Review RatingsAlternative Take
A seamless narrative with a different end twist is what was needed. However, it is not as simple as said, and that is where the director’s talent lies.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Saaho Review by Siddartha


Final Report:

Saaho is a predictable story that is mounted on a grand scale with some never seen before action (pre-climax) Ultimately, it doesn’t matter as none of it gives the high or makes sense. The convoluted narrative is the biggest culprit.

A bloated looking Rebel Star Prabhas and unconvincing romance only make the narrative drag further with no relief.

Overall, the story and screenplay play spoilsport in reaching out to the pan-Indian audience. Watch out for our honest review to be out soon.

– The climax offers a predictable twist. Everything is wrapped up neatly with a fan-pleasing moment. Final report shortly.

– Extraordinary background work by Ghibran is the highlight followed by opulent making standards.

– It’s showtime: The first big action sequence from Saaho blows ones mind.

– Bad Boy placed properly in the narrative and treat for Prabhas fans.

First Half Report:

Saaho starts on an exciting note, but fails to carry the momentum with the haphazard screenplay through out the duration. It picks up pace and energy towards the interval and ends with a massive twist. Overall, a below par first half saved by interval bang.

Prabhas plays it to the galleries and is a treat for fans. A lot of action shown in the trailer is still saved. It depends on those thrilling sequences and twists in the second half to bring alive Saaho.

– Psycho Saiyaan arrives after a lot of attempt to entertain, amidst a confusing plot.

– Too many characters, too much style, dense and confusing plot that doesn’t gel with entertainment it attempts so-far.

– Simple intro, but followed by massy fight for Rebel Star Prabhas.

– If there were any doubts regarding the director, the opening segment confirms it’s a Sujeeth movie. No two ways about it.

– Showtime: Massive buzz allover with Rebel Star Prabhas chants. Fans going crazy.

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Coming right after ‘Baahubali’ two parts, ‘Saaho’ is certainly enjoying both an advantage and also a disadvantage. The advantage is Prabhas’ name and fame after ‘Baahubali’ and the disadvantage is the sky-high expectations of the movie.

With the high expectations set and huge money riding stake on ‘Saaho’, the movie can in no way disappoint the audiences and the makers. Prabhas has been the soul of the movie who got the movie its due attention across the country.

Prabhas can carry the movie and make it a big blockbuster only if the two-film old director, Sujeeth Kumar has wisely utilised the big opportunity he was showered upon. The makers left no stone unturned providing big-budget and ensuring wide-scale promotions.

So, if Sujeeth delivers then, Prabhas’ good work will take him forward in Bollywood. It’s Sujeeth who is either going to make or break Prabhas’ career in Bollywood. Of course, Prabhas’ image in the South will be unaltered even if the movie falters.

Unlike the initial assumption that multiple music directors weren’t a good idea, all the songs in the music album had created good buzz on the movie and the music directors have to get their credit for doing their part in promoting Prabhas, especially, in the Bollywood belt.

Shraddha Kapoor as the heroine of the movie has turned out to be a huge asset so far for taking the movie across industries. We hope that she definitely has got a meaty role that would give a huge boost up to the story rather than having a heroine for the heck of it.

All said and done the pre-release businesses and the buzz on the movie is excellent to good and it’s time to know if Sujeeth has lived up to the trust laid on his shoulders.

Folks, keep watching this space as we’ll be right back with a comprehensive ‘Saaho’ review from our mirchi9 team. Stay tuned.

Saaho grossed $915 K from US Premiers. Saaho has a huge break-even figure of $6 Million.