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Bad time


‘U’ Certified, 110 mins.

Run movie reviewWhat is the film about?
The film is all about Sanju’s (Sundeep Kishan) race against time to set things right.

How is Sundeep’s performance?
Sundeep Kishan is his usual self but there is absolutely no impact. It looks as if he is going through motions without any care or interest on the actual material at hand. We never connect to the character and its problem. It is a forgetful outing for him.

Run  movie reviewDirection By Ani Kanneganti?
The biggest reason for the failure of the film can be put on the direction. Anil Kanneganti has failed big time to make the film, to make such a neat screenplay come alive. A tight gripping narration is what was required but what we get instead is a loose and insipidly directed film. So many scenes fail to make impact despite everything being at disposal. One feels as though things are rushed with not much care being put into the execution. Run is therefore a classic example to showcase to upcoming directors at films school on why the direction too needs to be solid even if one has a solid script and cast in place.

Run movie reviewAnisha Ambrose, Posani and others?
Anisha Ambrose gets no scope to showcase her talent. She has a limited presence when considered overall scheme of things. It is the same case with Mahath Raghavendra as well who just loiters around. Only two people who seems to be enjoying their parts in the film and which reflects on big screen is that of Brahmaji and Bobby Simha. Both are scene stealers, pity that they didn’t get scenes together. Kasi Vishwanath overacts. Posani KrishnaMurali is wasted and so are Praveen and Madhu.

Run movie reviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Sai Karthik is bad barring a song which is decent. The background score is comparatively better. Cinematography is below par, editing should have been tighter. There is nothing memorable in terms of dialogues.

Posani Krishna Murali -Run Telugu movie reviewHighlights?
Short duration
Brahmaji and Bobby Simha

Lack of tension and emotions

Run movie reviewAlternative Take
There is an original film available for this film which would serve as an alternative take. Do watch it as its more gripping, better acted and far more engaging overall.

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Run Review by Siddhartha