Predictable run.

“U/A” Certified. 137 mins.

So_So Rating

What is “Run Raja Run” about?
There is a gang of kidnapers in the city who are making the life of police hell. And then there is Raja (Sharwanand) who can’t find one true love for his life as every girl he loves eventually marries someone else breaking his heart. What happens when Raja loves the daughter of police commissioner who absolutely hates him and how all this is tied up to the kidnappings, is the overall plot of the film.

How is Sarvanand performance?
After some gap actor Sharwanand is seen on big screen. The actor is completely at ease here along with looking at his best. There is nothing heavy duty stuff to perform for most part and the actor seems to enjoying it very much. He has a very likable screen presence in the film.

Direction by Sujeeth?
Week after week we see many new directors making their debut but very few manage to make a mark. Director Sujeeth can certainly be put among those who have made mark. His confidence is visible throughout, at times over enthusiastic too but he nonetheless shows grip on the medium. This doesn’t mean he has no problems – he seems to wander a lot steering away from the basic plot for entertainment sake. It appears pointless after a point and adds to the length of the film. When a film is already shorter like the film we have hear, it makes the story look very thin. It could be the other way around as well but that is the problem with Run Raja Run. When the actual story arrive its so late and so out of sync with rest of the narrative that it feels like a completely different movie. It also doesn’t help that this core story comes with a predictable twist.

How is Seerath Kapoor and other artists performance?
Seerath Kapoor gets a decent role in her debut film. She plays the typical Telugu film heroine who has no clue about what she is doing. She does that part well. But more than the heroine its Sampath playing the commissioner who shares a great chemistry with the main lead. The actor who plays routine template villain parts in most films gets to play a different character for a change and he clearly seems to relish the opportunity. Adavi Sesh for most part appeared as if playing a glorified extra. Thankfully he gets something eventually. There is nothing to mention here performance wise. Jayaprakash and Kota Srinivas Rao are adequate as usual. Vennela Kishore and other comedians are okay.

How is M.Ghibran’s Music and other departments ?
Music by Ghibran is a major plus for the film. They are peppy and have been shot well too. Couple of numbers should have been placed better though. Cinematography is fine, it gives rich look to the film. Editing is decent. Production values are superb. Dialogues written by director himself are good.

Basic story.
Fresh comedy.

Takes too long to come to point.
Inconsistent narrative.
Comedy is fresh but pointless at times.

What about the box office performance of the film?
The film has been promoted well especially in the last few days. Fresh promos, music and casting has made the target audience curious enough to see it which will be reflected in the openings at urban centers. While the film doesn’t look like having a long run it could have decent couple of weeks at box office till the next biggie arrives if these urban audience take a liking to it.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes for most part.

Will you recommend it?
Yes but with a bit of apprehension.


So_So Rating

Reviewed by Siddhartha