Roshagadu Review – Boring Dandayatra Continues

Roshagadu Movie REviewBOTTOM LINE
Boring Dandayatra Continues


‘UA’ Certified, 2 hrs 36 mins

Vijay AnthonyWhat Is the Film About?
Kumara Swamy (Vijay Antony) develops insomnia after he kills a minor criminal. He can sleep peacefully only when at least one among the minors attracted towards criminal activities changes taking that path. Kumaraswamy realises that Thuppu Babji is behind all the crimes. How he stops him is what the film is all about?

How Is Vijay Anthony’s Performance?
Vijay Antony does what he has usually been doing without any change. He has played a cop here which is a change in profession, but as usual, there is no change in expression. It is the same one-dimensional staring that is passed off as serious and intense look. If consistency can be rewarded, then maybe he deserves an award for Mr Consistent. It works for him which might therefore not be a bad thing after all.

Director GaneshaDirection by Ganesh?
Ganeshaa has written and directed the movie. Regarding idea, one can say it is similar to recently released biggie Aravindha Sametha. Roshgadu is basically over in the first fifteen minutes itself, but the director takes the story forward from that point. The similarity ends there, and Roshgadu could again have ended at the interval mark too, nothing would have changed.

We get an idea of what is happening, and a cat and mouse game happens between the hero and the villain. The predictability stares us right in the face, but the silliness and writing bring unintentional laughs all the way. The situations too are dealt that way despite an air of serious posturing. The love part fails to provide any momentum or has any spark.

In the end, Roshagadu is all about those unintentionally funny moments. The scenes between the hero and villain long after the movie could end were fun within a silly mass space. It is nothing special, but worth remembering either. The message is decent, but we have got one earlier in the year through the movie Sketch.

On a related note, the movies of Vijay Antony are getting progressively weaker despite its basic ideas being appealing on paper. It is high time, he comes up with something emotionally fulfilling and engaging if there is going to be no end to acting in the near future.

Nivetha -PethurajNivetha Pethuraj and Others?
Nivetha Pethuraj plays the heroine in the movie gets a nothing sort of role. It is so because it has a presence throughout, but narratively it is mostly used for the love story purpose only. Those scenes have come out poorly. It is an easily forgettable part. The rest have weak characters apart from the villain, and no one manages to stay in our minds once the show is over.

music-director-reviewMusic and Other Departments?
Vijay Antony, also providing music goes his usual way. There is nothing worth mentioning in songs, but the background score is alright. The cinematography is pretty ordinary. The editing is decent. The writing is superficial and offers unintended fun at many times.

Daniel BalajiHighlights?
Basic Idea
A couple of hero versus villain moments

Weak Story
Poor Narration
Second Half
No Emotional Connect

Lakshmy RamakrishnanAlternative Take
As mentioned previously, the Vikram starrer Sketch is a perfect alternative take based on the message the movie provides.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Roshagadu Review by Siddartha Toleti

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