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Rendu Rellu Aaru Review – Waste Of Time

Rendu Rellu Aaru Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Waste Of Time


‘U’ Certified, 2h 14m

Anil MallelaWhat is the film Rendu Rellu Aaru about?
Maddy (Anil) and Maggie (Mahima) hate each other from the beginning. How did they fall in love and why are their respective father’s against the marriage is what the film is all about?

How is Anil’s performance?
Anil is a joke of an actor. Forget expressions, he can’t even stare at the camera properly. His reaction is the same in the film whatever may be the situation. The short film actors show better confidence on screen than him. Whenever he is in a frame with a senior actor, one can’t help but laugh at his expression which has fear written all over it due to the senior actor.

Nandu MallelaDirection By Nandu Mallela?
Nandu Mallela has made a terrible debut with Rendu Rellu Aaru. Even though it has a good and novel point, the director failed utterly at the execution level.

Except for few key moments, the beginning, the interval, post interval and pre-climax, there is nothing in the film to talk about. Even those moments owe a lot to the senior actors rather than the content or the directorial skills.

The first half has a good beginning and a pleasant interval. As far as the rest go, there is no content to hold the attention. The comedy depending on the love-hate relationship of the lead pair misfires big time. The second half begins well after the interval, but soon it also goes the same path as the first half. There is just nothing to make audience interested in the proceedings. The climax is again dragged to a predictable end. Overall, poor directorial skills mixed with nonexistent script makes Rendu Rella Aaru a waste of time.

MahimaMahima and others?
Mahima is a bad actor with no expressions at all. All she can do is giggle and frown, and that is all we get from her in the movie. For a film that depended so heavily on connecting with the main lead pair, the pair together shows their onscreen torture to the audience. The only two genuine performers in the film were Naresh and Ravi Kale. If not for them, there would have been zero emotion. The seniors, thanks to their experience brought a little bit of emotional quotient when everything was so dry and bland.

Vijay BulganinMusic and other departments?
Technically the only good thing about the movie was the background score. It lifted many an ordinary scene. The cinematography is bad, and editing is poor. The dialogues are weak too.

Naresh Vijay KrishnaHighlights?
Few comedy scenes
Basic storyline

Weak performances
Acting by lead pair
Hollow script

Ravi KaleAlternative Take
The story is alright, but it needed better actors and more bite in the screenplay. Maybe different religious background or some other angle like that could be a better.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Rendu Rellu Aaru Review by Siddartha Toleti

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Rendu Rellu Aaru Movie Review
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