Rayudu-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Hardcore mass


‘U/A’ Certified, 146 mins

Rayudu-reviewWhat is the film about?
Rayudu (Vishal) is a no nonsense righteous worker in a market yard. His life goes smoothly until he meets Bhagya Lakshmi (Sri Divya). His grandmother wants Rayudu to marry her. Slowly we are revealed why she takes that decision. How all this is interrelated to Rolex Bachi, a local goon with political ambition and what happens in the end is what the film is all about.

How is Vishal’s performance?
Hero Vishal is doing films back to back with different backdrops, Rayudu is latest addition to the list. Based on the backdrop his look and body language is designed upon which the actor delivers his usual reliable mannerism based performance.

Rayudu-reviewDirection By Muthaiah?
Director N Mutthaiah made a similar rural themed mass entertainer previously and now with Rayudu he continues the form. In the end its a predictable fare but the director manages to make it engaging with neatly executed scenes. Also the realistic set up makes the whole thing more engrossing.

First half of free film starts on a interesting note with the establishment of the conflict and characters. Soon it takes a lengthy deviation in the form of love track. It feels unnecessarily dragged initially but gets on track and is neatly connected to the main conflict through a sub plot.

Second half is a simple and straight action movie that runs on predictable line without much twits or turns. For action movie lovers it’s alright but it gets boring for a regular viewer. Additionally the high amount of non local flavor adds to uncomfortableness. Overall it’s an average mass entertainer which has its moments.

Rayudu-reviewSri Divya and others?
Sri Divya gets a typical Tamil small town girl role. It begins interesting but is soon relegated to back seat. Kulappuli Leela is the real highlight of the film as far as performances is concerned. She puts life into it. Radha Ravi is decent in a small role. RK Suresh plays his role with conviction. Soori the only comedian in the film is good as usual.

Music-Director-movie-ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music for the film given by D Imman is okay. The background score is fabulous. Cinematography is alright, it gives the right rustic small town feel. Editing is neat. Choreography could have been better.

Action sequences

Gets predictable
Non local flavor

Rayudu-reviewAlternative Take
This is a simple and predictable mass entertainer where the director has already done his homework in terms of alternative screenplay to differentiate this from other regular mass entertainers.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts

Will you recommend it?
With reservation

Rayudu Review by Siddhartha