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Rangula Raatnam Review

Sleepy Love Drama


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 17 mins

Raj TarunWhat Is the Film About?
Vishnu (Raj Tarun) is coxed by his doting mother (Sitara) to marry from a very long time. After numerous failed attempts, Vishnu finally finds Keerthi (Chitra Shukla) to his liking. After an unfortunate incident when things look like back on track, things turn sour between Vishnu and Keerthi. What are the conflicts affecting them and what happens, in the end, is what the film is all about?

How Is Raj Tarun’s Performance?
Raj Tarun runs a movie based on his energy. There are the mandatory ‘acting’ moments, but those are mostly fluffy and leave no impact. If we talk about the performance, Kumari 21f stands out in his career. Now, Rangula Ratnam can be added at a distant second place. It has enough moments and just the fact that Raj Tarun tries, puts the act in the second position. There is enough scope to give a remarkable action, but unfortunately, that is missed.

Director SriranjaniDirection by Sriranjani?
Shreeranjani makes debut as a director with Rangula Ratnam. The story is a predictable one but the idea to keep it real and rooted enables it to have some life that can connect with the audience. The writing becomes so important in movies like these where the story is little, and a lot depends on acting. Shreeranjani is partially successful in those aspects.

Rangula Ratnam is a love story with lots of drama that works in parts. At points, it gets frustratingly cliched and dragging, but there are also similarly stretches that work like a charm. The first half has more of the breezy moments which makes it better when compared to the second half. However, there is not much progress in the story till the interval mark.

It is in the second half that the actual content lies. It starts well but for the almost a very long period, gets irritating and repetitive and tiresome to sit through. One gets what the characters are trying to say or what their intentions are, but still, the same repeated scenes keep on coming making the narrative monotonous. However, if one can survive that part, it all comes together well in the pre-climax and climax. They are the real deal and where the director delivers.

The problem here is can anyone have the patience to sit through the long patches of boredom to get to a fulfilling end. In the end, due to those dull moments, Rangula Ratnam ends up as a below average fare at best.

Chitra ShuklaChitra Shukla and Others?
Chitra Shukla has got a challenging part for a heroine in her maiden attempt. It is a character that is not instantly likable, and the actress has to make the audience like it by the end. She has done a decent job. A more charming actress could have created wonders for that part and elevated the movie overall. Veteran actress Sitara gets a memorable character after a big gap. She does her role well. Priyadarshi is efficient. The rest of the actors are only present for small bits and pieces sequences that hardly register.

Music Director Sricharan PakalaMusic and Other Departments?
Music by Sricharan Pakala is good. The background score compliments it well. The cinematography could have been way better. The editing also needed to be sharp. The dialogues are adequate.

Pre-climax and Climax
Humor blended in narrative

Pacing issue
Long boring stretches

Alternative Take
A different heroine with more depth in the backdrop of the subject would have given the same subject a different feel and hue.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes in parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes but with reservations.

Rangula Raatnam Review by Siddartha


Note: Due to the limited release in the US we are unable to bring US premier live updates, our review will be up from the first show in India. Visit back this space for our frank review.

Preview: Check how the odds are looking for Rangula Ratnam

This Sankranthi, the vibrancy of colours is missing and Raj Tarun’s ‘Rangula Ratnam‘ may add some colour (rangu) to the pale festival season. It is coming with the backing of Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Annapurna Studios.

Raj Tarun is following the same suit followed by Sharwanand who movies were released during Sankranthi season and tasted big success. It helped the hero big time to increase the image and confidence in the trade to bet extra bucks on him.

Now, with ‘Rangula Ratnam’, Raj Tarun is trying the same. The buzz might be less comparatively. Sharwa had a better buzz. The limited market of the hero and the low expectations might help in this scenario when two big films failed to impress the critics and common audiences.

‘Agnyaathavaasi’ is a big disappointment while ‘Jai Simha’ is entertaining only a section of the audiences. Families and youth are waiting for a decent feel-good entertainer. The trailer of ‘Rangula Ratnam’ gave that feel good entertainer vibes.

If the movie opens with positive talk, it would be a great advantage for the movie as it would attract the families and youth audiences. The hero’s previous movie also dared decently at the box-office. Of course, in Raj Tarun’s limited market range.

The situation is really tricky. ‘Rangula Ratnam’ has an empty field all for itself and one has to see if it can impress as the sole movie that could pull crowds to the theatres for entertainment. The female debut director Sri Ranjani might strike a gold if her movie stands out this festival season.

Nagarjuna’s reputation and the present scenario is responsible for the trade’s sudden interest in ‘Rangula Ratnam’. Let’s see if the movie can cash on the festival craze and become a respite for common audiences and the trade.

To know the genuine first talk, wait for the Rangula Ratnam review from the mirchi9 team. Stay tuned.

Rangula Ratnam US Premier reported gross – $24,536 (Raj Tarun’s highest so far)

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