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Prakash_Raj_Rangamarthanda_ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Raghava Rao is a legendary theatre actor bestowed with the title Rangamarthanda. Upon his retirement, he marries his daughter and gives his property to his son, and wishes to lead a peaceful retired life. However, things don’t go accordingly, and there are troubles within the family.

How do the problems surface in Rangamarthanda Raghava Rao’s family? What happens, in the end, is the movie’s basic plot.

Prakash Raj playing the role of Raghava Rao, a theatre artist, lives in part. After a long time, he gets an author-backed role, and he does complete justice to it, reminding us of his glory days as an actor.

Many scenes highlight Prakash Raj’s acting prowess, but the climax portions are, without any doubt, the most impactful. The way he expresses the anguish of an actor is terrific. It would particularly connect well with people who have an obsession with the movie world or art in general.

Ramya Krishna is good in a part that is present throughout but acts more like a supporting role. She is in her Soggade Chinni Nayana zone and elevates the simple emotional moments with a touch of innocence. The chemistry she creates with Prakash Raj is essential for the pre-climax, and it works.

Krishna Vamsi directs Ranga Marthanda. It is a remake of the Marathi movie Natasamrat that came out a few years ago.

Ranga Marthanda is an emotional drama involving parents and kids with the backdrop of theatre. The latter plays a huge part in the lives of the people the story focuses on. It is an interesting choice, and ‘acting’ becomes a key element in the reel (life of the central protagonist) as well as the real lives of the characters. Also, if not for it, nothing is new otherwise, as the tale is an old one. We have seen similar narratives with different backdrops.

The good things first. Krishna Vamsi doesn’t let his visual imagination run wild and keeps things simple. It is both a plus as well a minus for the movie. The proceedings look like from a different age, but it doesn’t have the typical Krishna Vamsi mark in high quantity, which makes the narrative less irritating.

Krishna Vamsi doesn’t overindulge in acting related to the characters, but at the same time, he lets them have a go within the character’s space. So, at times it feels like they are going on, but it is okay.

The biggest issue, despite all the sincerity on display and curbing down of natural instincts (by the director), is the outdated narration. Right from the start, we get a feeling of watching a movie that is already a decade old. The execution further takes it back in time.

The performances, the body language, and the setting of a sequence constitute that dated feeling. Anyone following realistic dramas in recent years from Telugu cinema or otherwise will instantly get it, undoubtedly.

Overall, Ranga Marthanda is well-intentioned and acted, and honestly made movie. But, its dated execution doesn’t help it realize its full potential. If you like to watch a serious, well-acted drama but with a predictable story and narration, give it a try.

Ramya_Krishna_Rangamarthanda_ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
Brahmanandam, who appears after a gap, plays a serious supporting character with a tinge of caustic humour in the dialogue. He is a natural in the role and manages to evoke emotions that we don’t usually associate with him. The legendary comedian proves that when it comes to emotion, he is second to none in the character’s final moments.

Shivatmika Rajsekhar is the only actor in the movie that reminds us of the vintage Krishna Vamsi heroines or their emotional moments with her act. She does well, but it doesn’t sit well in the overall scheme of things. Anasuya Bharadwaj is ordinary initially, but a couple of moments in the second half makes gives her natural moments to register. Vamsi and others are alright in the rest of the parts.

Music Director - ilayaraja,Music and Other Departments?
Maestro Ilaiyaraja provides the music for Ranga Marthanda. He goes with the flow and delivers an output that is in tune with the tone and presentation of the movie. It is effective but feels old. Technically, the movie looks weak. The cinematography gives it a serial look. The editing is okay, but there are some bits and transitions that make the movie look decades old. On the other hand, the marriage (of the daughter) looks well thought out. The writing is neat, and despite the issues, it is on point.

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