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Feel Good Romantic Drama


2h 10m, ‘U/A’ Certified.

Nithiin -Rang De Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Anu (Keerthy Suresh) and Arjun (Nithiin) grow up together, but the latter has no feeling towards her. He doesn’t consider her even a friend, not even in school and not even in college. But, Anu has a secret crush and love towards him.

What happens when circumstances force Arjun to get married to Anu? How Arjun realises and falls in love with Anu is what the movie is all about?

How Is Nithiin’s Performance?
After Check, an experiment by his standard, Nithiin is back to doing what suits him the best, a romantic comedy with a bit of drama thrown in. The difference between the two is palpable. Even looks-wise, he is at his best.

Here Nithiin is in his elements and makes even the routine work consistently. He has developed tremendous ease in these parts, and it shows on the screen in the presence. The chemistry and comedy are all there and done well, as is expected of him. However, it is still a run of the mill part despite all those things, and nothing makes it stand out or memorable.

Director Venky-AtluriDirection by Venky Atluri?
In his third outing after Tholi Prema and Mr Majnu, director Venky Atluri is back with a tale in familiar terrain. It has been his calling card, make a routine film with a little modern upgrade in sensibilities and rich visuals. Rang De is no different at all.

The entire first half is a collection of predictable moments leading to the interval bang. We feel that way mainly due to the length. It is over in a jiffy, and that is also the best part. The whole thing is done with humour firmly in place. It works to some extent to make it passable. Story-wise it is only at the interval mark that we have a twist in the tale.

The friends and family bonding takes precedence over the story, and we know why Rang De needs that in the second half of the movie. The whole narrative of the first half is just a setup for the actual story unfolding later.

Rang De works well in the second half compared to the first. And the main reason for it is the casting, setting and freshness of the whole thing even though nothing new is happening story-wise. The world created by the director makes its presence felt. The sex and pregnancy angle is dealt with a delicate balance of fun and drama.

Director Venky Atluri also corrects the mistakes of his previous film in the second half. The reconciliation part is deftly executed. The transition of the lead from being a non-responsive guy to caring and love is neatly done. It does remind one of a Hollywood or two, as it has become a standard trope for the rom-com genre over the years.

The coming of the full circle of emotions is where Rang De scores in the second half. It is nothing new but executed correctly. The lead pair chemistry and the supporting artists do the trick. A feel-good factor is maintained well throughout. The comedy isn’t entirely too silly, neither is the drama too heavy.

After all this, the climax, in parts, appears a bit weak. It is, however, a minor quibble and doesn’t entirely undo the impact of the good work.

Overall, Rang De offers nothing new concerning the story, but it is also engaging and enjoyable at the same time. The casting, visuals and writing do the trick. If you love the genre, it is an easy one-time watch.

Keerthy Suresh -Rang De Telugu Movie Review Keerthy Suresh and Others?
After a few disappointing outings, Keerthi Suresh is back in her elements in Rang De. She looks lovely and does her part well. The chemistry she has with Nithiin is a significant reason why the movie works.

Naresh, Rohini and Kausalya play the supporting parts. Naresh is reliable as usual, and Rohini brings her experience to handle emotions to the fore. Kausalya is adequate. It is good to see Vineeth on screen after a gap, even though the role doesn’t offer much.

Suhas could have utilised well, but Abhinav Gomatam makes up for it with his unique, quirky delivery. Vennela Kishore is a little retrained, and it works well for the character. Brahmaji is good, in a brief appearance. Satyam Rajesh and others are wasted.

Music-Director-Devi-Sri-PrasadMusic and Other Departments?
The music by Devi Sri Prasad is pretty ordinary as standalone audio, barring a song or two. However, on-screen, they have been shot and presented well. The songs, therefore, look impressive with the visuals. And when it comes to ‘visuals’, we have the master PC Sreeram cranking the camera. His work is excellent, as one expects from him. The editing is fine for the most part. The writing is good, in parts, and decent overall.

Naresh -Rang De Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Short Runtime
Music Videos
Second Half
Balance Of Comedy And Drama

Predictable Story
Parts Of First Half
Small Segment Of Climax

Suhas -Rang De Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take
What we have in Rang De itself feels like an alternative take of Bollywood movie Salaam Namaste, which itself was a similar take on Hollywood movie Nine Months.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Rang De Telugu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

Rang De Movie Review

— Arjun and Anu has a new addition to the family. Rang De detailed review coming shortly. Stay tuned.

— Time for the chart buster ‘Naa Kanulu Eppudu’ —placed at a perfect timing.

— After the newly wed couple get along for a short time, a new twist shocks Arjun.

— The choreography of the song ‘Bus Stande’ is stylishly done in spite of the situational appeal.

— Rang De second half started. Arjun – Anu life begins as a couple.

— The visuals by PC Sreeram are fab and the songs have been shot well.

— Anu is forced to marry someone else. A small twist in the tale. Interval.

— Arjun wants to clear GMAT without Anu’s help to prove his upper hand.

– There’s some sort of ego war going on between Anu and Arjun. But Anu develops a soft corner for him.

— Rang De show starts with Arjun and Anu (Nithiin and Kerrthy) childhood jealousy and rivalry.

Rang De Preview:

‘Rang De’, Nithin’s rom-com is out here for us to watch and decide how director Venky Atluri handled the proven minimum guaranteed subject in his own style. It’s his third film as a director after a super hit ‘Tholi Prema’ and a below-average movie ‘Mr Majnu’.

Going by his treatment that we’ve got to watch in the teaser and the trailer, Venky Atluri showed promise that it’s going to be entertaining not only for youth but also for the family audiences. It’s a crucial movie for him as his second movie didn’t click as expected.

For Nithiin, last month was a disappointment in the form of ‘Check’ and after exactly a month he is back with a romantic comedy that suits his persona and like a walk in the park kind of genre for him. It’s essential that ‘Rang De’ erases all the bad memories of last month’s release.

Now, for Keerthy Suresh, this movie is more crucial comparatively as she has to ease the burden of intense roles and image that she has acquired by the virtue of the blockbuster success of Mahanati’. After ‘Penguin’ and ‘Miss World’, hope she is back to a youthful entertaining role.

This is Devi Sri Prasad’s first collaboration with Nithin and the actor seemed to be pleased with the output when he said in the Grand release event that he is looking forward to working with him for his future projects.

So, it’s not just one, but a crucial movie for several actors and technicians who worked for ‘Rang De’. After being promoted so well, it’s time to see if their content is good enough for all those promotions they did.

So, wait a while and we’ll be back with mirchi9 ‘Rang De’ genuine and comprehensive review without any delay. Stay tuned, folks!

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