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Not Worth The Trip


‘U’ Certified

Rajaratham Movie Review Ratings, Rajaratham Movie ReviewWhat is the film Rajaratham about?
Abhi (Nirup Bhandari), a silent lover gets the chance of his life to win Megha (Avanthika) when they get to travel together on a bus Rajaratham. What happens in the journey and how it ends is what the film is all about?

How is Nirup Bhandari’s performance?
Nirup Bhandari is an ideal choice for the lead role of a guy who is a shy lover. He gets small nuances of those moments right. It is when he tries to be serious and show the macho side where he falters a bit. That is still alright as there is not enough focus on that content anyways.

Rajaratham Movie Review Ratings, Rajaratham Movie ReviewDirection By Anup Bhandari?
Anup Bhandari burst on to the scene with the immensely likable Rangitharanga. It won him several awards as well. Those who have seen that movie, surely expect something unique from the maker. It looks like the director too felt similarly, and that can be understood with the story he has picked up and the screenplay for it.

When we look at the entire picture, in the end, it all feels alright. The final destination of the journey is the right place. However, the overall travel to the end is a bumpy one. There is so much tonal inconsistency, and the screenplay compounds the impact.

We get an idea of what the movie wants to convey, we know there is a simple love story, we get clarity about a political conspiracy, the colorful characters are right in our face, and yet nothing comes together to create an impact that would have made it a memorable outing. The message, in the end, looks entirely out of place given what has been transpiring all along.

The final assessment is Rajaratham is an honest attempt that has gone wrong. It has some engaging moments in parts, but as a whole, it fails to come together.

Rajaratham Movie Review Ratings, Rajaratham Movie ReviewAvantika Shetty and others?
Avantika Shetty is alright. It is a lightweight character, and she tries her best. Arya steals the show with his intense starry act. He stands out from the crowd, but sadly his efforts go in vain in a muddled narrative.

Kirrak Party Review, Kirrak Party Movie Review RatingsMusic and other departments?
The music of the film is decent, and the songs have been picturized well. The background score is okay. The cinematography could have been better in parts. Editing is a big issue. The dialogues are a mixed bag with few working well, but many falling flat.

Rajaratham Movie Review Ratings, Rajaratham Movie ReviewHighlights?
Basic Idea
Few Small Moments

Muddled Screenplay
Uneven Narration

Rajaratham Movie Review Ratings, Rajaratham Movie ReviewAlternative Take
Avoiding too many characters and either one of the love story or the political happening should be used as the primary track for the most part of the duration of the movie.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few parts

Will you recommend it?

Rajaratham Review by Siddartha Toleti