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For the love failure guys.

159 minutes.

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What is “Raja Rani” about?
There are love stories, there are tragedy stories. Raja Rani is a film that deals with what after of such stories. How two people through marriage in time overcome such issues is what the film is all about.

How is Arya’s performance?
Arya is fine and perfectly suitable for the role. It doesn’t require one to be a thespian in terms of act but what he does makes a good impression. Could it have been better, yes for sure a more charismatic actor would have done wonders.

Raja Rani Review
What about Atlee Kumar’s direction?
Direction by Atlee is very refined for a debutant. He presents what he wants to in a very simple and engaging manner without too much fluff. The director also doubles up as writer and he is a winner in that aspect as well. The criticism here would be that he tends to stay in the moment far too long than necessary which makes one feel that the things are getting dragged. He also seems to have a sharp eye for visuals which is always a great plus.

Raja Rani Review
Nayanatara and other artists performance?
Nayanatara is the actual mainstay of the film more than the hero. She is literally the hero of the film and carries the film on her shoulders. Her act would definitely rank among her best career wise. Coming a second close to her is another actress from her homeland Nazriya Nazim. She exudes great charm that is so necessary for the character and makes one fall in love with it despite the short duration. Jai (Journey hero) too gets a nicely written character which once again reminds us of his act in journey but is nonetheless endearing and that is his job done. Satyaraj as the cool ever-loving father plays it in his usual subtle style that screams one feel his subtle action. Santhanam as usual is a delight.

Raja Rani Review
How is Music, Songs and other departments?
Music director GV Prakash is in fine form both music wise as well as background score wise. He is joined by cinematographer who gives an extremely polished and rich look to the film. Editing is on the weaker side though. Production values are super.

Raja Rani Review

Drags in parts
Nativity issues

Raja Rani Review
What about the box office performance of the film?
The film thanks to the brand AR Murugadoss behind it has opened decently in the A centers. The multiplex oriented narration could be a drawback to the normal audience but it could still find an audience slowly with word of mouth. The problem here is that does it have enough time to pick with biggies lined up.

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