Raja Cheyyi Vesthe ReviewBOTTOM LINE
‘Sorry’ excuse of a film


‘U/A’, 144 mins.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe ReviewWhat is the film about?
Raja Cheyi Vesthe is a typical revenge drama that tries to avoid all the cliches. An unknown person wants to take revenge on Manik (Tarakaratna) and how Rajaram (Nara Rohit) is drawn into the revenge without his knowing is what the film is basically about.

How is Nara Rohith’s performance?
Nara Rohit has an ease in terms of dialogue delivery and can pronounce Telugu clearly. However with the number of films that he is doing these positive attributes are no longer having any edge. Quite frankly it’s getting repetitive and boring. Also his weight doesn’t give a pretty picture of him online. Bottom-line is he needs to go for a complete make over.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe ReviewDirection By Pradeep?
Direction by debutant Pradeep Chilukuri is bad when looked at things as a whole. In parts he shows some spark but things don’t come together as a whole.

First half of the film feels better in comparison to the second. The set up of the story, the motivations and character establishments are nearly done with good dialogues. Even the love track, which actually feels like deviating from the main track, is fine. Interval is neatly done to leave us with some interest in the second half.

It is post intermission that the entire film collapses when the real motives and reasons are revealed. More the actual reason it’s the execution that leaves a lot to be desired. It comes across as amateurish at best. The film never recovers from that points and goes on downward spiral till the end. Finally the climax too is poor making the whole movie going experience a joke with its ‘sorry’ tale.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe ReviewIsha Talwar and others?
Isha Talwar has got a decent role in the film and she is fine in it. Tarakaratna plays an out and out negative character in the film. The director gets the look right and even suggests him the right mannerism but the actor lacks the gravitas to pull them off. Srinivas Avasarala is seen after some gap. He has a very small role to have any impact. Shivaji Raja on the other hand is seen in a good role after some time. The comedians gang do a decent job in the first half of the film.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Sai Karthik is below par. Even the background score feels formulaic. Cinematography is okay. Editing is bad and it adds to the overall messy feel of the film. Dialogues are fine.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe ReviewHighlights?
Entertainment in first half

Muddled story
Second half

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe ReviewAlternative Take
Remove the love track entirely or make it part of the story from the beginning and then weaving a core revenge drama around it would have been better. Also the casting of villain clearly needs to be changed.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Review by Siddhartha