Rabhasa Review

Another comedy success.

“A” certified – 162 minutes

So_So Rating

What is the film about?
Karthik (Jr NTR) is the ideal son any parents could ask for. What extents he goes to fulfill the wish of his mother is in short what the film is all about.

How is Jr NTR’s performance?
With an addition of new dimension to his arsenal with his last film, comedy, the actor onscreen appears more effortless and with a renewed screen presence. He continues to have solid hold over his other strong features emotions and action. All this is however washed aside due to the fact that the actor has not been able to mesmerize once again with his dances, something which the fans had tremendous expectations on and also it is something this kind of movies could benefit largely with.

Direction By Santhosh Srinivas?
Director Santosh Srinivas simply followed the tried and tested formula like he did with his debut venture. At times it looks like he is simply redoing his previous film with a different cast. The direction is good in parts but the other aspects that he is credited with, screenplay and dialogues, lets those good parts down. The screenplay is flat and listless with no real emotional connect, for most part. And when it actually does it is so late that it misses the greater impact. It could surely be due to the health reasons but the overall effort has been extremely patchy.

Samantha, Pranitha and others performance?
Samantha gets good amount of footage and has a role that is right up along with hero in terms of entertainment for at least a half. She does her part well, both in terms of act and the glamour show in the songs. Pranitha has just an extended guest appearance and her character also ends abruptly failing to create any impact. Now once we get past these two casting choices we have a whole segment of actors ranging from Jayaprakash Reddy, Sayaji Shinde, Jayasudha, Nagineedu, Ajay to Brahmaji, Ravi Prakash, Satya Krishna etc doing what they have been doing in countless other films. It is the same with comedian Brahmanandam as well but the master comedian still manages to make us laugh in many sequences he is involved in. Ali and Tanikella Bharani etc are wasted.

Thaman and other departments?

SS Thaman is clearly not in form here. The music director has failed to give a chart buster score and neither is the background music any good overall. Couple of numbers are fine and the BGM is good in few moments on the whole. Editing is jerky, it is especially bad during the fight sequences and so is the vfx in these scenes. Cinematography doesn’t reflect the big movie standards. The songs are exception as they have been shot well.

Pre climax.

Predictable story.
Flat narration.
Poor action sequences.

Alternative take:
This is as predictable films as they come so the best thing would be to stay a way from making the film at all. However since it has been chosen to made, better screenplay would have surely helped the film a lot. Even the most illogical sequences have to be carefully integrated into the narrative to make them seem logical which in turns brings a certain believability that binds the audience. Here its so flat and as said above listless that no solid impact is created despite hero trying his best.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few parts.

Will you recommend it?
Only to the fans of Jr NTR.


So_So Rating

Reviewed by Siddhartha

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