ra-ra-krishnayy-rvw-bannerBOTTOM LINE
Not that enticing.

“A” certified, 139.55 mins.

So_So Rating

What is “Ra Ra Krishnayya” about?
Kittu (Sandeep Kishan) is a hard working guy who values every paisa he earns and dreams of becoming someone big on his own. Nandu (Regina Cassendra) is a girl who wants to have freedom in whatever she wants and chooses for her life. Circumstances force Kittu and Nandu to unite and eventually they fall in love. What are the circumstances and what future awaits the couple is the basic plot of the film.

How is Sundeep Kishan performance?
Sandeep Kishan is at his usual. There is no improvement, he is the way he has been over the past few films. He tries to do the emotional scenes once again but falls flat in them. This does not mean that he is bad its just that one expects a degree of change in performance which isn’t visible.

Direction by Mahesh?
Direction by P Mahesh Babu?enter things first the debutant has an eye for visuals and that should be pointed out as a big positive. Coming to the direction he has taken a safe entertainer route for his debut film and has partly succeeded in it. Mahesh has tried his best to weave lots of comedy in the basic plot which is pretty thin. It works in parts but a larger portion suffers because it is quite frankly unnecessary. Like the plot involving Ravi Babu. Similarly screenplay is extremely convoluted and moves in circles in the final act which brings the graph of the film down big time. Overall with better screenplay the director has the capability to deliver a good entertainer in future.

Regina, Jagapathi Babu, Kalyani and other artists performance?
Regina Cassandra and Jagapathi Babu are the backbones of the film. Both of them elevate the film with their performance especially Jagapathi Babu in the second half as Jaggu. He connects to the audience instantly. Others like Tanikella Bharani, Kalyani, Ravi Babu and Brahmaji etc are only to serve the narrative but add nothing performance wise. Comedians Tagubothu Ramesh, Venue and Satyam Rajesh are all fine in their own style.

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How is Achu’s Music and other departments ?
Music by Achu is mixed back with couple of numbers being good. The background score is effective. Cinematography is superb and adds great value to the film. Editing is fine.

Jagapathi Babu.
Regina Cassandra.

Unwanted sentimentality.
Drags in parts.
Unnecessary subplot.

What about the box office performance of the film?
Ra Ra Krishnayya is coming with decent publicity but the openings in the morning show aren’t to the level one expected from it. However it is expected to pick up slowly over the weekend as there isn’t any other entertainment choice for movie-goers. But a long run is doubtful as the content would leave many dissatisfied. Also with big movies lined up week after week the film might not get any chance to grow even if the word of mouth is decent.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts due to Jagapathi Babu and comedy.

Will you recommend it?
Yes but with lots of reservations.


So_So Rating

Reviewed by Siddhartha