Prabhas Rebel Movie Review

rebel-movie-reviewTHE BOTTOM LINE
Lawerence ended up with a mass entertainer with few glitches here and there..

So_So Rating

prabhas - rebel review
What is ‘Rebel’ about?
Rebel is the story of a fun loving guy who treads the path of violence to avenge the death of his father who strives for good in his entire life.

Is this a perfect Prabhas film?
Off late, Prabhas had been doing movies which will make him dearer to classes. He is back with a pakka mass masala this time. Lawerence had perfectly used the strengths of Prabhas in the movie. It would a treat for every fan to watch him in Rebel.

How is Lawrence direction?
As every previous movie of Lawerence, Rebel is also an average product with few good scenes here and there. A little more effort in the direction and screenplay would have done wonders.

Tamanna in Rebel Movie
How is Tamanna?
Woaaaah! She is at her best in the movie. Lawerence had drawn best out of her. Her superb styling had added to the gifted charm and will mesmerize the audience for sure. She did well in the acting part too as a hip hop dance teacher.

Deeksha seth- rebel review
What about Deeksha Seth?
I will definitely feel for this poor girl. She was overshadowed by Tamannah in the publicity material with the later getting more space. And the movie is no different. She had very small role some time in the flash back. She is stone faced as ever.

What about the rest?
Krishnam Raju is okay in the role of a man who strives for good. His 80s kind of action and histrionics may not go well with current generation. Brahmanandham and Ali managed to draw good amount of laughs. Pradeep Rawat and others are at their usual self.

Lawrence- rebel review
How is Lawrence Music, Songs and Dances?
Lawerence should seriously consider quitting music direction for good. All the songs were mishap. But he managed with some excellent visuals and the sensuous Tamannah. Prabhas had put in good efforts in dances and will enthrall fans.

How is the Cinematography?
Camera work by Ram Prasad is good. There is no much or experimentations but the grading and picture quality is good and

prabhas and tamanna in Rebel Movie
What are the highlights?
The scenes leading to the Interval, Well composed fights, Good performances by Prabhas and Tamannah, Comedy scenes in the first half.

Any Drawbacks?
The movie story is not new or exciting. The movie gets predictable at places due to poor screen play. The movie is painfully 2 hours 56 minutes long due to which the flaws in direction are more exposed. The high dosage of violence in the second half is also a concern.

rebel review
What about its box office prospects?
Like every Lawerence movie, I assume the movie will go well with the masses. Fans will be delighted as every thing about Prabhas is taken care of. The Run time of the movie and high dosage of violence may be a concern for A class audience.

Did I enjoy it?
A kind of Okayish movie for me. Not great, Not bad.

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