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lacks power punch but entertains.

“A” certified 147 Minutes

So_So Rating

ravitejaWhat is the film about?
Power is a story of Tirupathi (Ravi Teja) whose only aim in life is to become cop one day. One fine day Home Minister from the Kolkata arrives at his doorstep offering him his dream job. Why does the Home Minister do that and what happens when Tirupathi starts to take his job seriously in Kolkata, is the basic plot of the film.

How is Ravi teja’s performance?
Ravi Teja is as always supremely at ease at whatever he does. His comic timing and variations are superb. There aren’t any great dances but whatever the actor does it with complete ease and great joy which shows on screen.

Direction By K.S.Ravindhra?
Debutant director has a good enough story at hand for a commercial fare that also offers little bit of freshness. He has handled the entire film with great assurity and confidence which would be a plus for him to get more big films. Coming exclusively to Power, the film has pacing issues at times where the energy dips considerably. It is mainly due to the screenplay which never lets the emotional content reach its peak. Either it’s abruptly cut for comedy or the sheer predictability brings it down. With better screenplay KS Ravindra can for sure deliver a wide mass appealing film for sure.

Hansika, Regina and others performance?
Hansika is the primary heroine of the film. She plays a typical Telugu cinema heroine who has to look glamorous and act dumb. She scores well on both counts. Regina Cassandra has a limited role in comparison. She doesn’t have the same requirements as Hansika but its pretty close nonetheless. She is alright in the film. Apart from there are two comedians, character actors and villains. Brahmanandam and Sapthagiri do their bits effortlessly as does Sampath and Mukesh Rushi playing the villains. Brahmaji, Ajay, Kota Srinivas Rao and Prakash Raj are underutilized.

power movie
S.S.Thaman and other departments?
Music by Thaman is below par and the back ground score makes thing even worse. The film would have surely benefitted a lot with better background score as there are number of sequences that needed the additional push. Editing is fine and so is the cinematography in the film even though multiple people are behind the camera. Dialogues are mostly good and work well within the flow of the film.

Ravi Teja
Characterization of hero
Few twists in second half

Haphazard screenplay
Predicable clichés

Alternative take:
As mentioned above Power has enough material in it for an engaging commercial entertainer. It is just not properly done here. For starters better music and background score could have elevated the film a lot even as it is. Leaving that aside the pre climax definitely needed a rework. Also the attempt to redo a climax already done previously also fails. Basically better final act would have made this film an outright winner.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes in parts.

Will you recommend it?
Yes, to those who don’t mind typical commercial entertainers.


So_So Rating

Reviewed by Siddhartha

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