Power Play Telugu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Amateurish Thriller


1h 57m, ‘U/A’ Certified.

Raj Tarun - Power Play Telugu MovieWhat Is the Film About?
Konda Vijay Kumar is an ordinary guy who is all set to get married to a girl he loves. Unfortunately, he gets arrested in a fake note scam by police. What happens to his life as a result and how did he prove his innocence is what the movie is all about?

How Is Raj Tarun’s Performance?
Raj Tarun is well Raj Tarun. There is hardly any change in his act or body language except that he is less hyperactive. Everything else is the same. There is a moment towards the ending, which tests his dramatic skills, but the actor is bland.

Director Vijay Kumar KondaDirection by Vijay Kumar Konda ?Vijay Kumar Konda directs Power Play. It is not just a change of genre for the hero, but also the director. He is making a thriller for the first time.

The lack of experience in making a thriller is visible immediately. It is not that one can’t attempt different genres, but each one of them requires certain momentum and pacing, which affects the final product if not done well. We see that here with Power Play.

The beginning of the movie is alright. The whole narrative until the take-off is fine. The helplessness created around a guy as a commoner can be palpably felt. It is the zone in which the director operates, and he succeeds in that aspect.

However, when the thriller narrative begins to gain momentum, the direction fizzles. Amateurishness can be seen through the way the sequences are handles. A mere loud background score can’t camouflage the visibly apparent lack of skill in execution.

The whole track involving ‘Detective Narada’, and the interval sequence is a clear cut case of lack of failure in understanding the genre.

The second half starts well, briefly holding the attention, but once again, it falters big time when handling the critical block. The entire film depends on it to reach the next level. But, it fails to give the desired result.

The lack of actors required for the part could also be a reason for the final output. Whatever may be the case, the end result is an uninteresting thriller. It is despite a decent premise.

The climax is dragged and taken to the extent of disbelief. Still, one feels relief at the point that the whole thing is over. The ending further weakens whatever little moments it has delivered.

Overall, Power Play lacks a powerful narrative for the setting and fails to deliver the thrills for the genre. If you like movies belonging to the space, it could be a below-par watch. For others, it is a forgettable affair.

Poorna - Shama Kasim - Power Play Telugu Movie Poorna and Others?
Hemal Dev looks decent for a trendy, modern-looking girl. It also means she could kiss the boy and ‘look’ dominating briefly and be ready to reject the boy. She doesn’t get much scope beyond that expected cliché. Poorna, on the other hand, has a powerful part, but it fizzles out in the way it is executed.

Ajay is okay. He seems to be going through the motions without any real interest. Comedian Venu is the one guy beside the hero who looks invested in the narrative. But, his character is poorly sketched to make an impression. Kota Srinivas Rao is fine in the limited space given to him. Madhunandan does a part that is not comic, and he is alright. The rest of the actors are okay with some like Dhanraj being wasted.

Music and Other Departments?
The movie has no songs, and it is all about the background score by Suresh Bobbili. He has done a reasonably decent job with it. The cinematography by I Andrews could have been better. The editing is okay for the most part, but at times it is a bit messy. The writing is below par and at an elementary level.

Kota Srinivas Rao- Power Play Telugu MovieHighlights?
Starting Half An Hour
The Beginning Of Second Half

Misses Gripping Quality
No Thrills
Weak Direction

Hemal IngleAlternative Take

Given the take-off, one can’t help but feel the similarity Power Play shares with Naandhi. And, it can be said as an alternative take for what we have here.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, The Beginning

Will You Recommend It?

Power Play Telugu Movie Review by Siddartha