Pora-Pove-Movie-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Stay away as title suggests.

‘U/A’ Certified, 138 mins.


Karan-pora-poveWhat is “Pora Pove” about?
It is basically love story of couple Chaitu and Vikas who have come from similar non coeducation background . How they propose and what are the problems they face is what the film basically is about.

How is performance by Karan?
Karan knows absolutely nothing about acting. There is a constant ‘ I am the lucky one doing the film’ kind of happiness look plastered on his face throughout. He is awkwardness personified. Only positive that could be said is the dances which are okay.

Direction by Lankapalli Srinivas?
One more week and we have one more director making his debut. But the problem remains the same. Lack of knowledge of the medium and lack of imagination for big screen is pretty common but even for the content they have chosen they don’t do enough justice to it. Its simply an amateur short film conceptualization for big screen. Whatever little scope the story offered in the second half is ruined by the poor performance of the lead actors unfortunately.

How is Soumya performance?
Soumya is perfectly cast as heroine as she is a mirror image of the hero. The awkwardness and non expression compliment each other. Unlike the lead pair couple from the friends from gang exhibit some iota of timing which clicks in a scene or two. With such an amateur casting for the main lead few guest appearances by known faces stand out. RJ Chanti for example is elevated to fantastic performer due to the poor performance by others.

How is Yajamanya’s Music and other departments ?
Music by Yajamanya is good keeping the project t and the scope in mind. The Biscuit number for example is very catchy. Background score is predictable and ordinary though. Editing is poor and so is cinematography. Dialogues are good here and there. Choreography of couple of numbers is good.

Small flashback sequence with biscuit song.

Poor screenplay.
First half.

What about the box office performance of the film?
Pora Pove has no face value and the music too isn’t used that well for the promotion. The only option that remains for the film to run is the word of mouth. With such poor execution even that would be hard to achieve which means the film being forgotten in few days time.

Did I enjoy it?
Only the few minutes of Biscuit segment.

Will you recommend it?


Reviewed by Siddhartha