Pencil movie reviewBOTTOM LINE
Broken Pencil


‘U/A’ Ceritified, 135 mins.

Pencil movie reviewWhat is the film about?
A murder happens on the campus of a school. Victim Nithin is arrogant son of a Superstar who has rubbed many people in extremely wrong way. Who has committed the murder and why? This is what the film is about.

How is G V Prakash’s performance?
As the film follows a thriller mode there is nothing really for him to perform. He just needs to let the narrative flow without any any distracting theatrics and he does that fine. In the fee scenes that had scope he was below par.

Pencil movie reviewDirection By Mani Naga Raj?
Mani Nagraj has decent plot on hand. However his ambition far supersedes the content in hand. His aim to make a thriller and then deliver a message all comes across as rushed and lacks a narrative cohesiveness. The film jumps from one emotion to other and finally ends up with a message that is so out of place considering everything that preceded it.

First half if the film has some fine moments at the very beginning and in interval. The film begins interestingly and at interval point again reignites that interest. The second half begins on a promising note but soon it runs out of steam. The ‘detective’ skills look misplaced for the build up that’s given to the characters and the end kills whatever little fun it had developed. The unevenness in the tone of the film is the biggest problem with the film, one never is truly engaged even though there are moments that generate interest. The message in the end is good but it deserves a better film.

Pencil movie reviewSri Divya and others?
Sri Divya is among the few positive aspects of the film. She plays her character with interest although it doesn’t require exhibition of dramatic flair. Shariq Hassan looks the part he has been given to play but as far as acting goes, it could have been better done. VTV Ganesh is alright. TP Gajendran overacts the part given to him. Ravi Prakash is wasted and so is Uravashi in a forgetful role.

Music-Director-movie-ReviewMusic and other departments?
GV Prakash has also provided the music for the film and its below par barring a song. Picturization too is not enough to elevate them. The background score is comparatively better. Editing is okay. Cinematography is good.

Pencil movie reviewHighlights?
Few scenes post interval
Pre climax

Uneven narrative

Pencil movie reviewAlternative Take
After a neat set up in the beginning itself the film should have followed thrilled mode as continuation with unravelling of the characters simultaneously. Also the novel loving aspect of heroine characterization neatly integrated into the narrative.

Did I enjoy it?
Few parts.

Will you recommend it?
To the lovers of thrillers but non-theatrically.

Pencil movie Review by Siddhartha