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peekay pk movie reviewBOTTOM LINE
Thorough Entertainer.

“U/A” Certified,153 mins.


aamir-khan-in-peekay pk movie reviewWhat is the film about?
PK is a satire on religious beliefs and God men from the point of view of a person who is unaware of all these traditions and persons.

How is Aamir Khan’s performance?
Aamir Khan is heart and soul of the movie. He takes us a through a journey with his character and a performance that can be easily put among his career best. His break down before God unable to get what he wants or when he knows the flashback of Jaggu (Anushka) are some remarkable moments that stays with us. His accent that hits the right notes be it in terms of comedy or drama is superb. If not for anything the film is a must watch for his performance.

raj-kumar-hirani-in-peekay pk movie review
Direction By Raj Kumar Hirani?
Much like the actor even the director is a master craftsman and PK is a shining example of his craft. He has handles many controversial issues relating to religious beliefs, made fun of them in an introspective way without crossing the way or being offensive. This itself deserves a huge credit. But all this is covered in the first half itself which makes the second half look weak with lag. Still he makes us sit through with his able direction and screenplay. In final conclusion PK, the film showcases his strengths but he has surely done better in the past.

anushka-sharma-in-peekay pk movie review
Anushka Sharma and others performance?
Compared to the previous films of the director the character of heroine is slightly better. Of course all the limelight is hogged by lead actor but Anushka too gets her moment and she makes them count. Sanjay Dutt has a very small role and he makes his presence felt. Boman Irani is underutilized compared to the previous outings from the director. Sourabh Shukla gets a typical and by now typecast religious head kind of role but still manages to leave his own impression.
atul-gogavale-in-peekay pk movie review
Music and other departments?
Music by Shantanu Moitra was pretty average when listening as a standalone album but when it comes to Movie they sync well with the narrative. Add soothing background score to it overall the impact is enhanced. Cinematography is good and so is editing which is handled by the director himself. Dialogues are a major plus for the film with punches flowing non stop.

highlights-in-peekay pk movie review
Aamir Khan.

Lag in second half.
Religious theme.

box-office-talk-of-peekay pk movie review
Alternative take:
After a point in second half it feels repetitive as things don’t go beyond the stuff that has already been mentioned in the first. The director clearly understanding this has introduced the love angle but it wasn’t given enough time to have that emotional engagement which would have further elevated the climax. Only this aspect felt the need to be reworked.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Yes, slight caution for religious sensitive people advised though.


Reviewed by Siddhartha

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