Patel SIR Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Unbearable Sir


U/A – 2 hrs 17 mins

Jagapathi BabuWhat is the film Patel SIR about?
Patel Sir is killing one mafia gang at a time. What is the reason for his killing and what happens in the end?

How is Jagapathi Babu‘s performance?
Patel Sir is all about Jagapathi Babu, without him there is no movie. He seems to like what he is doing and doesn’t just sleep walk. There are good emotional scenes which the actor has done with ease.

Vasu ParimiDirection By Vasu Parimi ?
Vasu Parima has a simple story in hand. Still, it could be made engagingly had the director been interested and up to the challenge. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and Patel Sir suffers because of that.

The movie’s premise is clear in the first fifteen minutes itself. It just goes through motions for the rest of the duration. It could still have been an engaging watch had the director put some effort in narration via a focused direction. Since that is not the case and the movie is all over the place, there is no impact whatsoever despite best efforts by lead Jagapathi Babu.

The film can be divided into two blocks, the revenge block involving action and the emotional block that relies on performance. The direction in the emotional scenes is easily better than the action part. The difference is too obvious, and it adds to the narrative inconsistency. Overall, Patel SIR is a regular fare with a routine treatment with few predictable routing scenes working in its favor.

Padma PriyaThe heroine and other artist’s performance
Tanya Hope overacts whenever she gets a chance. Even when she acts like collapsing after being hit, she makes sure to over act. Padmapriya gets no scope to perform. The villain gang is played by the common names Kabir Duhan Singh, Prabhakar, and senior hero Prudhvi. They simply do their bit with nothing memorable in it. Posani Krishna Murali is alright. Subbaraju is reliable.

DJ VasanthMusic and other departments?
Music by DJ Vasanth is forgettable. The background score is noisy and reminds of some popular BGM’s time and again. The cinematography is bad. Editing is messy. Dialogues are unintentionally hilarious at times.

Posani Krishna MuraliHighlights?
Fast paced narration

Poor execution
Predictable story

SubbarajuAlternative Take
The narrative needed more thrill in execution as plots like this have been told multiple times.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Patel SIR Review by Siddartha Toleti