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Paathshala-Telugu movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Performances ruin Paathshala.

“U” Certified, 130 mins.

Ratings-Paathshala Telugu Movie Review

Nandu-in- Paathshala Telugu Movie Review
What is the film about?
Five friends on a journey of self discovery.

How is Nandu’s performance?
Nandu has got a scene stealing character in this ensemble cast film. He has provided the entertainment in the film from the beginning and also tried his best during the emotional sequences as well. Its not a revelation of a performance but its a step surely in the right direction.

Director Mahi-V-Raghav-in Paathshala Telugu Movie Review
Direction By Mahi V Raghav?
The director has chosen a good plot for the film which has all it takes to engage with the target audience, youth. The direction is decent at best. There are many sequences that have the scope to connect more with better directorial capabilities. It could also be that that’s the best the actors could do but that is a choice he has made. Overall the direction gets better as the film progresses.

Anu-Priya-in Paathshala Telugu Movie Review
Anu Priya,Shashank,Sirisha and others performance?
As is with films related to friendship and coming of age tale kind o films, it will have a close group of friends and we see that here too. The actor’s part of the gang look like they share a bond together at the end of the journey. The actors playing the role of Salma, Sandhya, Surya and Aadi etc look the part. But it’s the extended cameo by Sashank that steals the show as far as performance is concerned. There are bit and pieces characters in addition playing the parents of the friends who have a scene or two to show.

Music-Director-Rahul-Raj -Paathshala Telugu Movie Review
Rahul Raj and other departments?
Music by Rahul Raj is adequate for the kind of film attempted and the music along with the background score add a lot of value to key scenes in the film. At times the choice of instruments and usage is somewhat jarring though. Editing should have been better. Dialogues are lengthy and come with a patronizing kind of view which is off put in many occasions.

Highlights -Shashank-in-Paathshala Telugu Movie Review
Fresh plot.
Music and background score.
Few emotional and relatable scenes.

Feels lengthy.
Predictable and flat screenplay.
Inexperience in acting.

Drawbacks -Sirisha-in-Paathshala Telugu Movie Review
Alternative take:
Paathshala the film has proper structure to make a perfect coming of age tale. The problem lies in its execution and casting. The two things fail in giving the film the completeness it requires to engage and emotionally move us. Better casting would have surely created a better impact.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes in parts.

Will you recommend it?
No, but if one is in mood to watch a different attempt and is patient enough then one might give it a chance.


Ratings-Paathshala Telugu Movie Review

Reviewed by Siddhartha

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