Pandem -Kodi 2 Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Not Even Half The Fun


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 30 mins

Vishal ReddyWhat Is the Film About?
When the husband of Bhavani (Varalakshmi Sharathkumar) is killed in a village fight that happens at the backdrop of a local village festival, she vows to destroy the entire family responsible for the murder. Her relatives do the deed, and only one guy remains alive. Raja Reddy’s (Raj Kiran) timely intervention prevents the death. He gives the word to protect the only surviving heir of the family much against the displeasure of Bhavani’s men. It leads to the festival being stopped. How Balu (Vishal) gets involved in all this and what happens, in the end, is what the film is all about?

How Is Vishal’s Performance?
A film like Pandem Kodi 2 is bread and butter for action hero like Vishal. He goes through the proceedings clinically and calmly without ever looking like putting an effort. There are multiple moments to show his fighting skills, and similarly, there are few to touch his dramatic and romantic side. The action dominates everything though.

N LingusamyDirection by Lingu Swamy?
The storyline of Pandem Kodi 2 is almost non-existent. Whatever we have is situations designed specifically to have action scenes. The opening block or the first fight of the hero, or the interval one, and ultimately the climax, the action blocks shine in the enterprise.

Apart from them, we also have a love track that begins well, but ultimately gets off the rails. Keerthy Suresh’s spirited act and music in sync with her overactive emotions make one like it. However, post-intermission, the turn it takes fizzles out all the build-up. It is the same with other subplots that fill the narrative during the second hour.

Ultimately, what we get is a film that begins well with various emotions shaping up. But, none, except the fights, manage to engage throughout. One after that other, either they feel repetitive or are derailed to have any proper connections.

In the end, Pandem Kodi 2 lacks the cohesive narration of the first part and is only good as long as the action lasts. It means, the climax also comes across as decent, but a vast stretch before that, one entirely loses interest. Watch it only if you are action movie lover and don’t mind recurring patches of boredom, especially in the second half.

Keerthy- SureshShriya Saran and Others?
Keerthy Suresh has been given a hyperactive bubbly girl part that is almost hero like in its actions. She delivers the over action and in high doses. And yet, Keerthy Suresh manages to be endearing. The character, unfortunately, goes totally missing in the second half barring few scenes. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is fantastic in whatever time she gets. In the climax, it is she who dominates the proceedings. Raj Kiran is perfect for his part. He also has elevation moments like the hero and the senior actor manages to pull them off without look odd. Ramdoss and Hareesh Peradi do their parts well. The rest are okay for their limited roles.

Music director - Yuvan-Shankar-RajaMusic and Other Departments?
Yuvan Shankar Raja has given the music for the film. The songs are loud and quite frankly, noisy, but the background score is terrific. The music bit that comes every time Bhavani (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) enters the screen is sensational. The climax bit also stands out. The cinematography could have been better. The editing is okay.

Raj KiranHighlights?
Action Blocks
First Half

Large parts of the second half
Heroine plot after the interval

Varalaxmi - SarathkumarAlternative Take
Interlinking the heroine subplot to the main track and proceeding without taking a clichéd route could have made the second half more interesting.

Did I Enjoy It?
In parts

Will You Recommend It?
Only for action lovers

Pandem Kodi 2 Review by Siddartha